New partnership with skycore swiss AG


With the new partnership with skycore swiss AG, we bundle synergies and thus offer an all-round carefree package for IT outsourcing. We have now brought another strong partner on board with skycore swiss AG to offer complete IT outsourcing according to the highest standards for customers in the healthcare sector. "Excellent service, personal contacts and fast response times [...]

Easy migration of old VMware vSphere 6.0/6.5/6.7 environments

VMware update

Despite numerous security vulnerabilities and the increasing cases of ransomware attacks, many on-premises VMware vSphere environments are at an outdated software state with version 6.7, 6.5 or even 6.0. This is despite the fact that there is an easy and painless solution to migrate here. VMware declared version 6.0 "end of support" as early as March 12, 2020. In just [...]

Use fix-ready apps directly from App Launchpad


With App Launchpad, developers and DevOps engineers can install and use a catalog of apps at the click of a button. In your Virtual Data Center, you can easily install and use pre-built apps from the App Launchpad. Netstream Cloud provides you with a large catalog of different apps and services such as: Pre-built apps to [...]

Reduce downtime with a second site


The loss of valuable data and especially unplanned interruptions are scenarios of today's companies that many tremble before. A secure backup and recovery strategy is therefore essential for today's companies. With a second site in the Netstream Cloud, you can massively reduce your downtime. In an age where ransomware in particular plays a dreaded role, [...]

Cost-effective and simple data archiving with Archive Storage


Netstream's Archive Storage is 100% compatible with the S3 standard and thus offers a simple solution for long-term data archiving, as this allows a seamless connection to the existing backup architecture. Did your data also get 10 years - or even more? Digital data storage for compliance with legal retention periods (Article 958f Swiss Code of Obligations) and [...]

New "Business Continuity" portfolio in the starting blocks


Netstream develops new portfolio around business continuity and now introduces new solutions to build and extend a disaster recovery strategy. Data loss and disruptions are now dreaded scenarios in everyday business, as losses skyrocket all too quickly. In the face of rising cyberattacks, companies must constantly improve their security measures, especially to [...]

Netstream receives ISO 27001 certification


Netstream AG successfully certifies its entire organization, including company-owned data centers, according to ISO/IEC 27001, which means we meet all the guidelines and processes required for the standard.