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Team in front of the scenes

Discover the faces that are at the forefront of our mission.

Meet the people who drive our vision and mission and coordinate customer requests and projects on our company's main stage. Dive in and learn about our stories, passions and expertise.


Alexis Caceda

As co-founder and CEO of Netstream, Alexis brings over two decades of experience in developing high-quality cloud and TV-as-a-service solutions for the Swiss market. His mission is to establish Netstream as a trusted partner in the digital transformation through continuous innovation and a focus on quality.



Reto Kasser

As CTO, Reto Kasser, co-founder of Netstream, passionately drives the development and implementation of innovative technologies and products. In doing so, he never loses sight of our customers and excels with his deep technical understanding. He uses his extensive expertise not only to support customers in designing optimal solutions, but also to actively participate in workshops and in communities as a valuable knowledge carrier.


Daniela Ackermann

Daniela, our Head of Marketing and Sales, combines her creative eye for detail with structured thinking to ensure that the team always keeps our customers in mind and continuously develops needs-based and market-oriented products - so you can focus on your core business.



Jessica Sarracino

Jessica is our #InsideSalesRockstar and our secret weapon in our sales team. She always has an open ear for the concerns of our customers and brings (from Mon to Wed) momentum and energy to our sales initiatives.


Jan Nicolas Meier

From the data center to the virtual machine - Jan takes care that all infrastructure feels comfortable with us. Whether core network, virtualization environments or even simple Linux VMs, he has a nice spot in the rack and in his heart for every technology.

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Team behind the scenes

Our team in hiding is our key to success.

Enter the world behind the scenes, where our team of talented individuals contributes significantly to our success. Without our gears - our interdisciplinary team behind the scenes - and every single cog, nothing would work. You can reach our teams at the following addresses:

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Haben Sie Fragen zu unseren Dienstleistungen oder benötigen Informationen? Kontaktieren Sie uns gerne via Formular oder direkt an hello(at)

Nutzen Sie alternativ auch unseren LiveChat unten rechts oder rufen Sie uns an unter 058 058 40 00.


Managed Workplace - einfach sorglos arbeiten

Verabschieden Sie sich von dem Balanceakt, Ihr Team produktiv und Ihre IT sicher zu halten, während Ressourcen knapp sind. Unser Managed Workplace bietet Ihnen eine nahtlose, sichere und zugleich skalierbare Arbeitsplatzlösung für alle Unternehmensgrössen.

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