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Imagine people living fulfilled lives together with technology and nature. - our vision

Man, nature and technology

Netstream attaches great importance to responsible corporate governance. That is why we care about our employees and are committed to sustainability and social projects.

Environmental and climate protection are very close to our hearts, because the next generations should still be able to enjoy our beautiful earth. But we also take our social responsibility very seriously - especially with our organizational structure. 

Ecological responsibility

With these measures, we are trying to do our part to protect the climate.

Through many small and large measures, we want to support environmental and climate protection and help reduce our footprint. We are therefore constantly on the lookout for new optimizations and projects worth supporting.

Our entire office building and data centers are powered by 100% solar electricity. We are also Zero Carbon Committed by VMware.

Instead of generating the cold with a machine as usual, we rely on cold from the environment with our system (since summer 2018). From a certain outside temperature, we therefore cool with the outside air. We were supported by the Swiss Climate Foundation during the conversion.

We have already supported several bee colonies with a sponsorship. In this way, we would like to support in particular young beekeepers in Switzerland who are committed to organic beekeeping. For 2023, we have again taken over the sponsorship of bee colonies. You can find more about this in our blog.

In recent months, we have been able to save 15% of our electricity requirements through optimizations. Further optimizations in this regard are still underway.

Part of our vision is for people to live fulfilling lives together in harmony with technology and nature. It makes us happy when we, as a technical company, can do good for nature with our employees. Trees perform a variety of tasks for us. For example, they produce oxygen, bind carbon and slow down climate change. That's why we came up with a special project for our 20th anniversary. For every new customer who ordered a product from Netstream by the end of February 2019, we planted a tree - with our own hands. We were supported in this by the Witikon Timber Corporation (Holzkorporation Witikon and Privatwaldkorporation Witikon).

We got rid of our gallon water dispensers and switched to good Swiss tap water. In our new office, we have several taps that can produce sparkling water on demand. 

We prefer to stock our bar with glass bottles.

What paper we still use is recycled. Our paper is certified with the "Blue Angel". This is how we want to conserve our resources.

What paper we still use is recycled. Our paper is certified with the "Blue Angel". This is how we want to conserve our resources.

Since summer 2020, Netstream has been organized in a collegially managed structure. This means that we have broken down departmental thinking and divided ourselves into value-creation-oriented circles. These are each responsible for the services end-to-end. This distributed management enables us to draw on concentrated know-how, reduce hierarchical processes and thus respond more quickly to the market. Every colleague is a part of this.

Home office and flexibility have not only been important to us since the Corona pandemic. 

Since the beginning of 2021 we have moved to our new office in Wallisellen. On the 4th floor of Richtiareal 4, 4-7 people each share an office. In addition, there are various additional workstations and meeting rooms, which make the daily routine a little more varied. The central location right next to the Glattzentrum offers many possibilities for catering, easy travel and also walking space for a short break.

In our large kitchen can be cooked and snacked. In several ovens and microwaves it is very easy to heat up the food you brought with you if needed. In addition, we provide various soft drinks in our bar for free and at our coffee machine are always a few snacks!


Our four-legged friends are very welcome in the office. They are a nice change for us and make for a good working atmosphere.

An agile-learning organization thrives, among other things, on the further development of every colleague. That is why we support this development with various courses, an internal academy and coaching.


For a long time now, we have been working 40 hours a week. In addition, we all benefit from 25 days of vacation and can buy an extra week if needed.

All employees receive free Netstream products, such as TV and also Internet access for home use, if required.

We support the Bike-to-Work Challenge and thus support health promotion in our company. The goal of the Challenge is to cycle to work on as many days as possible. This year, we were once again pleased to welcome 2 teams to the Challenge who covered 100% of their commute to work by bike.

We donate device components that are no longer in use to the non-profit organization Labdoo to support educational projects. It works worldwide to give children and young people access to IT and education with donated hardware.

Social responsibility

As an employer, we also bear a social responsibility for our employees.

This is what we do for our team.

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