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Netstream connects people with future-proof IT technologies so they can focus on their core competencies and trust that they have the right partner at their side. With our in-house data center and high-availability signal processing, we can realize innovative and complex cloud and streaming solutions.

As an agile-learning organization, we distribute leadership and actively advocate for a paradigm shift in business. We are convinced that we are stronger together and that we can achieve more that way. Our innovative organizational structure brings us closer to the market and thus to our customers and partners. With our #TeamNetstream we are thus able to generate customized solutions and profitable added value for our customers.

We are passionate about developing flexible and scalable IT solutions. For today and tomorrow.



Cloud Native
Cloud Native Computing Meetup | February 2023
February 23 2023
16:00 - 19:00
ServiceNow, Cherstrasse 4, 8152 Glattbrugg

Agile learning organization with distributed leadership

For our organizational structure, we were inspired by the "Approaches / Concepts of the Collegially Managed Company" by Bernd Oestereich and Claudia Schröder and had the Zurich-based consulting firm me&me | your transformation partner accompany us on this path.

"Agility" in this case describes a mindset, a certain attitude and way of thinking, and not well-known methodology or process approaches (such as Scrum). The agility mindset focuses on the benefit and goal of action. The goal becomes much more important than the way to get there. Through constant adaptation, improvement and further development, perfection can thus be achieved on a path that at first glance does not appear perfect. The concept of agility also includes the continuous development of each individual employee. The company supports this with various vessels in the organization and diverse further training and coaching offers.

The classic pyramid is made up of a few at the top and many at the bottom. Decisions are made at the top and take time to be adopted at the bottom. In shared leadership, there is no classic boss. Decisions are made together (consensus = minimization of resistance) and carried.

We do not have a classic department, but interdisciplinary teams with value-creating or service-providing functionality.

Our company is structured according to value-adding circles (so-called business circles), service circles and roles. Within a "designable framework" that we have received from the owners, we are completely independent. We call the shots and benefit from the knowledge and experience of each individual colleague.

All colleagues lead along depending on the context. This means that you don't always have to be involved in deciding everything, but can also focus when needed. This allows us to actively support where we are needed.

Assigning blame is useless. That's why we make decisions together (by consensus) and therefore also jointly.

To ensure that decisions can be supported jointly, we do not pursue the principle of the highest possible level of agreement (classic consensus procedure), but strive to minimize objections (consensus). In this way, we achieve the highest possible implementation energy and sustainability of our decisions.

In order to lead, transparency within the company is an important component.


Our fundamental values and standards, our dealings with each other and how we live our responsibilities are reflected in our corporate culture. We are convinced that we must establish and nurture culture in order to create an environment in which individuals can develop for and with the company. Every corporate culture is as unique as the companies themselves. This is because they are made up of individuals who significantly shape their environment. The environment in turn acts as a playground and breeding ground for the culture.

We are all at eye level and behave accordingly among ourselves. For this reason, we see ourselves as colleagues who run the company and not as employees.

Without trust it does not work! An important part of our culture is that we can delegate tasks from management within a framework. This way, decisions can be made where the know-how is and where the decision is needed. For this reason, we continue to build our trust in each other day by day.

We maintain open communication with each other as well as with our partners. We approach each other proactively so that we can address things (whether trivial or sensitive) at any time. In this way, nothing builds up that could hinder us in our day-to-day work.

We respect each other, the opinion of each individual and take each other seriously. We need this to create an environment of trust.


  • Netstream is founded by Alexis Caceda (18), Reto Kasser (17) and Dominik Breitenmoser (17).
  • Launch of nationwide ADSL via Swisscom.
  • Netstream is the first Swiss provider to offer fixed IP addresses on ADSL.
  • Netstream launches Switzerland's first web live TV streaming portal under the ADSL.TV brand.
  • Launch of Switzerland-wide SDSL via Cablecom.
  • BILANZ rating: 1st place as "Best Internet Service Provider
  • NetVoIP is the first Voice-Over-IP portal with numbers from all area codes in Switzerland.
  • Launch of nationwide VDSL on the Swisscom network.
  • BILANZ rating: 1st place as "Most Innovative Internet Service Provider".
  • Launch of nationwide ADSL2+ via Cablecom. Launch of fiber-optic services on the network of ewz, the electricity company of the city of Zurich.
  • BILANZ rating: 1st place as "Best Telephony Provider".
  • Construction and commissioning of the company's own data center in Dübendorf.
  • Netstream is developing the next generation IPTV with Comeback TV function.
  • Netstream offers Microsoft Lync as a hosted solution.
  • Launch of Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) on Swisscom optical fibres. Launch of Switzerland's first VoIP insurance.
  • Expansion of infrastructure for video, mobile and cloud services.
  • Netstream becomes official main sponsor of FCZ.
  • Construction of the second data center. Robert A. Bertschinger joins the Executive Board as Chief Strategy Officer.
  • BILANZ rating: 1st place fixed-line telephony residential customers, 2nd place fixed-line telephony business customers, 3rd place as ISP
  • BILANZ Rating: 1st place Fixed Network Telephony Residential Customers, 2nd place Corporate Networks, 3rd place Fixed Network Telephony Business Customers.
  • Mathias Riederer joins the Executive Board as Chief Financial Officer.

  • BILANZ rating: 1st place fixed-network telephony residential customers, 2nd place fixed-network telephony business customers.

  • 100% solar power for our offices as well as the company's own data center; rebranding; support from Climate Foundation Switzerland.
  • Start of sale of voice, connectivity and hosting division and focus on core business with cloud and streaming services
  • Successful completion of the sale of the voice, connectivity and hosting division and focus on core business with cloud and streaming services
  • Transformation into agile-learning organization with collegial leadership style



  • Relocation to Richtistrasse 4 in 8304 Wallisellen
  • VMware Cloud Verified Partner
  • VMware Zero Carbon Committed
  • Certification according to ISO/IEC 27001


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