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"Agility" in this case describes a mindset, a certain attitude and way of thinking, and not well-known methodology or process approaches (such as Scrum). The agility mindset focuses on the benefit and goal of action. The goal becomes much more important than the way to get there. Through constant adaptation, improvement and further development, perfection can thus be achieved on a path that at first glance does not appear perfect. The concept of agility also includes the continuous development of each individual employee. The company supports this with various vessels in the organization and diverse further training and coaching offers.

The classic pyramid is made up of a few at the top and many at the bottom. Decisions are made at the top and take time to be adopted at the bottom. In shared leadership, there is no classic boss. Decisions are made together (consensus = minimization of resistance) and carried.

We do not have a classic department, but interdisciplinary teams with value-creating or service-providing functionality.

Our company is structured according to value-adding circles (so-called business circles), service circles and roles. Within a "designable framework" that we have received from the owners, we are completely independent. We call the shots and benefit from the knowledge and experience of each individual colleague.

All colleagues lead along depending on the context. This means that you don't always have to be involved in deciding everything, but can also focus when needed. This allows us to actively support where we are needed.

Assigning blame is useless. That's why we make decisions together (by consensus) and therefore also jointly.

To ensure that decisions can be supported jointly, we do not pursue the principle of the highest possible level of agreement (classic consensus procedure), but strive to minimize objections (consensus). In this way, we achieve the highest possible implementation energy and sustainability of our decisions.

In order to lead, transparency within the company is an important component.

Agile learning organization

We are an agile-learning company with distributed leadership.

For our organizational structure, we were inspired by the "Approaches / Concepts of the Collegially Managed Company" by Bernd Oestereich and Claudia Schröder and had the Zurich-based consulting firm me&me | your transformation partner accompany us on this path.



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