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Simply virtualize your data center with Virtual Data Center

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Virtualisierte Infrastruktur

Transform your IT infrastructure and increase productivity through centralized management and automation.

Leverage virtual machines (VMs) in the popular VMware Cloud Director environment.

VMware Cloud Verified

Manage your virtual data center independently of different security zones or locations conveniently and clearly in a single management console (Cloud Director by VMware). At the same time, you can see the resources used as well as the states of the individual applications. The VDC gets special flexibility through segmentation (e.g. individual customers or departments) or the selection of data center zones as well as locations.

Ob virtuelle Maschinen (VMs), virtuelle Appliances oder ganze vApps, Ihr VDC stellt diese auf Knopfdruck in wenigen Sekunden bereit.

In addition, many other functions and configurations such as snapshot, clone, move, affinity rules, CPU, memory, network cards and more, can be used and configured in the management console.


Depending on the requirements different storage policies (classes) are available to the VDC. The classes essentially differ in performance (measured in IOPS). From 500 (low) to 50'000 (ultra-high) IOPS the appropriate class is available for every workload.

In addition to the storage classes, the "Named Disk" function is also available. This can be attached as an independent disk to one or more VMs. This allows e.g. cluster a shared disk, where this is a requirement.

By default, the VDC already includes an edge gateway (powered by NSX-V or NSX-T), which acts as a firewall between the public network and the VDC's internal network to handle security requirements.

In addition, the Edge Gateway has other functions:

  • DHCP
  • Routing
  • VPN (Client & Site)
  • Load balancer

All functions can be configured as needed in real time via web portal.

The connections both inside VDC and outside can be configured in an extremely versatile way.

Networks of the type "isolated & forwarded" can be created very easily. To create a virtual Layer-3 architecture, simply attach Edge Gateways.

In addition, there is the possibility of connections via MPLS, SD-WAN, physical fiber optic lines directly to your VDC.

simply strong

The central platform makes it easy to set up, manage and analyze VMs.

Apps at the touch of a button

Install various apps from the Marketplace at the push of a button.

Highest availability

Benefit from highest availability of your systems via VDC. 

simple redundancy

Protect yourself from potential outages with disaster recovery add-ons.

Multi-cloud ready

Stay flexible, even in your choice of cloud location. 

simple cost model

Simple and transparent pricing models with pay-as-you-go model.

Multi Cloud Availability

Use VDC in different cloud approaches

Realize the potential of multi-cloud and benefit from flexibility and resilience. Create a consistent environment that simplifies application modernization and multi-cloud operations.

Simply test

Test now simply and risk-free for 14 days.

Nobody likes to buy a pig in a poke. That's why you can put VDC through its paces for 14 days risk-free and free of charge.

158 GB




50 GB


The "instant recovery" approach allows files to be made available directly on the rubric appliance. This means that even large amounts of data can be restored easily.

Unlike traditional backup architecture, no external client has read or write access to your backup data. With traditional architectures, Trojans have an easier time accessing your files. With Rubrik's system, you don't have to worry about that.

Before data can be played back to production, Rubrik ensures that it has not been modified beforehand. This way you can be sure that no damaged or modified files can cause damage to your production again.

With additional storage, data can be automatically swapped out after a predefined time, thus further increasing protection. In our case, this is done by our S3-capable object storage. There, data can be outsourced both storage- and cost-efficiently as well as geo-redundantly and thus remain optimally archived.

Storage costs for archive including licenses: CHF 0.05 / GB

Increase safety

Prioritize the security of your data with Backup & Recovery Add-on.

With Backup & Recovery from Netstream you get the perfect add-on to your Virtual Data Center. Thanks to the integrated backup system Rubrik, a restore of data in case of disaster is possible at any time, easily and quickly.

Jetzt VDC Test-Paket bestellen und 14 Tage risikofrei testen.

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