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Netstream AG only sells their Cloud Services via Channel. We made an exclusive partnership with Zibris AG to jointly stir up the cloud market! Zibris AG is not just a distributor here, but “the value added rock band” par excellence – for us and our partners. 

Offer your customers cloud solutions at the highest level and accompany them professionally on their way to the cloud. With our unique partner system, you and your end customers will also benefit. We enable you to build a profitable cloud business with your end customers despite market-driven conditions.

Advantages of our Cloud


We understand your needs and those of your end customers and help you to implement your use cases.

Location Swiss

Both our company site and our data center are located in Switzerland - an advantage for data security.


We also support you in marketing and, if desired, we can implement entire campaigns for you.

Cloud Services

Infrastructure as a Service

With our range of cloud solutions, we can operate your complete infrastructure.

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Object Storage

The Object Storage from Netstream is available to you as flexible cloud storage simply, securely and around the clock.

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Virtual Data Center

With Netstream's Virtual Data Center (vDC) you benefit from a flexible, scalable and highly available cloud infrastructure.

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Backup as a Service

Whether as an alternative to your existing backup solution or as additional security in the form of redundant data storage - BaaS is a must for data security.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Your backup data is stored deduplicated in a highly efficient way and can be made available on the original infrastructure or a dedicated infrastructure at any time.

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We bring the cloud into your company – not only you benefit from this, but also your end customers. With the Netstream Cloud, you can realize the most diverse use cases of your customers. By working with Netstream, you can not only expand your portfolio, but also reduce your IT costs (compared to traditional on-premise environments).


Together Netstream and Zibris are always available to support you and help you to be successful in the market.

Trainings and workshops

In regular training sessions and workshops, we will introduce you to cloud services and their technical components. In this way, you learn to get the most out of our services and can offer your customers a unique portfolio.


Up to now, the reseller model for cloud services has not been very attractive to the resellers themselves. We wanted to change this and together with Zibris AG we decided to sell Netstream Cloud Services exclusively via the channel. We enable our partners to build a profitable cloud business with their end customers, despite market-driven conditions.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

You have the option of providing your customers with a Proof of Contept at any time. This not only provides you with security, but your end customers also gain your trust. We are happy to support you with our know-how.

Marketing as a Service

We will not leave you alone! If you wish, we can take over entire marketing campaigns together with Zibris and support you in going to market. This way you are able to acquire new customers and convince existing customers of your new portfolio even without your own marketing department. Here we can respond to your individual needs.


Zibris AG is not just our distributor, but “the value added rockband” par excellence. Zibris makes your life easy! Forget the times when you had to evaluate the market yourself, take on long and complicated communication channels with foreign countries and laboriously negotiate contracts with manufacturers.

As a partner of Zibris

  • you get uncomplicated, direct access to the latest technologies and thus secure major competitive advantages.
  • you have the opportunity to experience the latest technologies live in your demo lab.
  • Zibris negotiates manufacturer contracts with extraordinarily good partner programs and margins for you.
  • you receive everything from one (Swiss) source.

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