Mirror your workloads with a second site in the Netstream Cloud for easy switching in the event of a disaster.

Loss of valuable data is one of the worst scenarios of today's companies. That's why a secure backup and recovery strategy is essential in the modern era.

With Netstream Workload Availability Service, you can easily create a second site in the Netstream Cloud. You determine which workloads run redundantly and how often they should be backed up. So in the event of a disaster, you can simply activate your second infrastructure in the Netstream Cloud and massively reduce your downtime.

The most important terms at a glance

Workload is a term for the workload or utilization of a process or a computing component such as CPU or memory. In this definition, a workload is a specific amount of work to be completed by a process or computing component in a defined period of time.

The time intervals at which the files and data are backed up so that as much current data as possible can be recovered.

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In Active Mode, your virtual machines are not only replicated to the cloud, but are actively running. In the event of a disaster, you can switch directly to the second site without having to start virtual machines first. 

In standby mode, your virtual machines are replicated to the cloud, but they do not use any active virtual machine resources. In the event of a disaster, the virtual machines must then be started first. Only then are they active.



Your data is stored in Switzerland and is subject to the Swiss Data Protection Act.



Determine which workloads should be replicated to the cloud and how often.



The transparent and attractive pricing models adapt individually to your needs.

Use Cases

Reduce downtime with a second site

The loss of valuable data and especially unplanned interruptions are scenarios of today's companies that many tremble before. A secure backup and [...]

Price calculator

Create your own configuration and find out your costs. Distinguish the cost of standby from active mode. 

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o365 backup

Office 365 Backup

While Microsoft offers high availability of files, content, and communications within its applications, it is not responsible for protecting your data. Therefore, secure your data additionally to the Netstream Cloud.


Strategy Planning

Disaster recovery is an important part of your business continuity plan. Our experts support you in analyzing, planning and implementing your disaster recovery plan.

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