It is all about Workload Availability

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Netstream, Dübendorf


Netstream, Glattbrugg


AWS, Zurich


AWS, Frankfurt

Reduce downtime

Easily move or synchronize data and workloads for easier migration and highest availability.

With Netstream's Workload Availability Service (NWAS for short) you cover continuous availability, easy migration and multi-cloud agility with one service. Increase the security and flexibility of your data and business processes and withstand any disruption in an emergency.

Build a virtual fallback infrastructure in the cloud, allowing you to easily switch to the replacement infrastructure in the event of an IT outage / disruption.

Are you changing cloud providers or planning to migrate to a new hypervisor? Don't worry: With the Netstream Workload Availability Service we support you simply and straightforwardly with the migration.

Migrate or replicate from cloud to cloud - multi-cloud ready.

AWS, Azure, VMware vSphere are just a small part of the supported cloud environments that can be conveniently migrated and backed up with Netstream Workload Availability Service.

Workload Mobility

Easily migrate application and data workloads, without risk and with 100% protection

more security

Increase the security of your IT infrastructure and minimize your risk of failure.

Continuous availability

Keep your business processes up and running and arm yourself against outages....

Fully orchestrated

Fully orchestrated disaster recovery solution from Netstream's cloud.

Multi-cloud agility

Free choice of cloud solution and easy migration to, from and between clouds

simple cost model

Simple and transparent pricing models with pay-as-you-go model.


Disaster Recovery

Back up your workloads to an additional location for easy switching in the event of a disaster.

Additionally, with Netstream's flexible service, you synchronize your workloads to the Netstream Cloud, preventing downtime in the event of a disruption. A variety of providers can be seamlessly replicated to the Netstream Cloud:

Easy migration

We are also equipped for your hypervisor and ready for migration.

Migrations are usually tedious and time-consuming. With us it is different. With our simple migration service, we migrate your infrastructure regardless of your hypervisor.

Migrate your VMware vSphere VMs directly to the Netstream Cloud. 

Migrate your Microsoft HyperV VMs to the Netstream Cloud and then leverage the VMware Cloud Director environment.

Migrate your AWS VMs to the Netstream Cloud and then leverage the VMware Cloud Director environment.

Migrate your Kubernetes environment to Netstream Cloud and leverage the native integrated Kubernetes as a Service solution (Tanzu powered by VMware).



Netstream Workload Availability Service is based on VMware and Zerto platforms. This gives you the flexibility to protect your data to, from, and between clouds.


stand-by mode
from 25.-per VM and month
  • Short-term activation in the event of a disaster

  • simple redundancy

  • Reduce downtime

All prices are in Swiss francs, excluding VAT. 


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