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Stream API

The Stream API was developed especially for companies that want to integrate TV & Radio streams into their own application.

Our Stream API offers you the possibility to stream live TV, radio, recordings (NPVR), ReplayTV, PauseLive / Timeshift as well as many other functions via API into your apps. The powerful API is based on our proven IPTV/OTT platform.  

Whether you run a streaming platform, a media app, or an online entertainment website, our Stream API provides a straightforward solution to integrate versatile content into your apps.

Seamlessly integrate live TV streams into your app. Users can watch their favorite shows, news, sporting events, and more in real time. The API provides reliable streaming of HD content, ensuring excellent picture and sound quality.

The Stream API gives users access to a wide range of radio stations. Easy integration with your application provides smooth playback of radio streams.

With the RestartTV feature, users can start running shows from the beginning, even if they enter them later. This feature gives control over their TV experience and allows them not to miss important moments.

Offer your users the ability to save their favorite shows and live events to watch later. Our Stream API supports recording content to the cloud. Recordings can be conveniently managed and played back through the application. Past broadcasts and content from the media library can also be conveniently accessed via the API. This feature offers flexible playback of missed shows, allowing users to set their own schedule.

Allow your users to download selected content to watch or listen offline. Whether it's movies, episodes, or the newscast, the download feature offers flexibility and convenience for uninterrupted enjoyment, even without an active Internet connection.

Personalized experience

Stream API integration lets you create personalized recommendations and playlists to present individualized content.

Highly available and secure

A reliable, secure and at the same time highly available infrastructure ensures a stable streaming experience.

Simple integration

Our Stream API is designed to allow easy integration with your existing application. With comprehensive documentation and support, we make the integration process easy for you.


The API ensures high quality of streamed content, from crisp images to clear sound. This helps ensure that users can enjoy an immersive entertainment experience.

Swiss solution

Our solution is 100% operated in Switzerland.


The API is designed to handle increasing numbers of users with ease. You can count on your platform to run smoothly, regardless of the number of concurrent accesses.


The API is documented ready-to-use, so your developers only need to integrate it.

In our online documentation you have access to all important information, codes and integrations of the API.

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