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The fully managed on-premises Edge Cloud

- Fully managed

On-Premises without effort

With our Edge Cloud service, you get all the benefits of the Netstream Cloud while using an on-premises infrastructure at your site.

Netstream provides you with the necessary hardware and manages the cloud platform for you. This allows you to keep the data on-site and still focus on your core business.

Customer Netstream
Space, power, cooling
Hardware (organization and installation)
Hardware maintenance
Virtualization software (vSphere)
Network component (on-site integration)
Management Cloud Platform (VMware Cloud Director)
Virtual Machine Management
Virtual networks (customer networks)
Edge Firewall (Rules)
Customer applications
Your data on site

Keep your data on-site, with the highest level of control and minimum effort at the same time.

more security

Don't worry about the constant updates and security requirements anymore.

simple cost model

Put an end to complicated and non-transparent pricing models. Always know what you are paying for.

fully managed

We take care of the maintenance of the hardware, virtualization software, network components and the cloud platform.

Power from VMware

Leverage the massive power of VMware solutions with NSX-T, vSphere and Cloud Director on your infrastructure.

Investment protection

We make sure you get back the book value of your existing hardware so you don't make a loss.

Benefit from know-how

Know-how in this area is highly sought after and hard to find. We provide you with everything you need.

simply georedundant

By connecting to the Netstream Cloud, you can easily mirror your data to the public cloud in a geo-redundant manner.

Avoiding a shortage of skilled workers

Use Netstream's external expertise for the cloud platform and become less dependent on the current job market.

Important things in the overview

The most frequently asked questions about the Edge Cloud.

In principle, we provide the hardware for the on-premises infrastructure. If your own infrastructure meets the requirements, a takeover of the existing hardware can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Switching to the Edge Cloud makes sense at any point in time. In addition, we can ensure that you recover the book value of your existing hardware, so that you can migrate worry-free even before the complete depreciation.


Simple connection - Simple redundancy

Take advantage of great workload mobility thanks to direct integration with Netstream's cloud.

Thanks to workload mobility, you decide where to run your workloads at any time, or you additionally synchronize them to the Netstream Cloud, preventing downtime in the event of a disruption. 

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