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High availability for business critical databases


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Hardly any company can do without databases these days. A disaster or logical error that affects database availability can lead to data loss, significantly impact employee productivity, and even damage a company's brand and revenue. Mitigate the risks with highly available databases. 

Databases in IT are electronic management systems that contain information in the form of data. Databases function via a so-called database management system (DBMS). SQL databases such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL or PostgreSQL are often used here. Nowadays, database systems are the main component of business software and thus belong to the IT technologies that are essential for a company's survival. Disruptions or even failures quickly cause high costs due to lost sales, loss of customer confidence and the additional effort required to repair the damage.  

High availability database

The only way to reduce the risk of database failure is to achieve high availability. However, the problem is the so-called singular source of failure. This refers to a failure of a resource that is not designed redundantly and whose failure brings the entire system to a standstill. High-availability databases must therefore use redundant instances to prevent defective data carriers (HDD or SSD), for example, from blocking the entire application. To achieve high availability in databases, the most common method is therefore to store the same data multiple times. This is achieved, for example, by mirroring (replication) on two or more data carriers or virtual servers.  

Easy redundancy thanks to Netetstream Workload Availability

But with Netstream Workload Availability Service (NWAS), running redundancy becomes a snap for any organization. Simply select the virtual machines (VMs) on which your application is hosted and enable replication with NWAS to Netstream's cloud. With hypervisor-level replication, no complex application integration is required to protect your SQL servers. This makes the solution simple yet scalable. 

The advantages at a glance: 

  1. Simple redundancy to a Swiss cloud. 
  2. Relieve IT team 
  3. Consistent multi-VM application recovery with Virtual Protection Group (VPG) technology 
  4. Failover testing without interrupting replication or shutting down in production. 
  5. No configuration changes to SQL are required and no SQL knowledge is needed for recovery. 
  6. SQL VSS Writer integration for application-compliant scheduling 
  7. Test SQL with application servers in isolated bubble networks 

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