Human error as a cause of IT disruptions


Hardware failures, problems with the software or ransomware are well-known causes of disruptions and failures in IT. But human errors are also an unavoidable part of IT departments and are cause [...]

Use fix-ready apps directly from App Launchpad


With App Launchpad, developers and DevOps engineers can install and use a catalog of apps at the click of a button. In your Virtual Data Center, you can easily deploy pre-built apps from the [...]

Reduce downtime with a second site


The loss of valuable data and especially unplanned interruptions are scenarios of today's companies that many tremble before. For this reason, a secure backup and recovery strategy is essential for today's companies. With [...]

Easy migration of your VMware environment


With Netstream Workload Availability Service (NWAS), which is based on VMware Cloud Director Availability, you migrate to the Netstream Cloud easily, securely and faster.

Simplify Machine Learning with Kubernetes Container


Meanwhile, building artificial intelligence (AI) models and implementing them in your business is extremely time-consuming and complex. With Kubernetes as a Service from Netstream, you leave all the computations you need to the [...]

Leveraging Kubernetes as a cloud-native application in existing architecture


The seamless integration of Kubernetes via VMware Tanzu makes it extremely easy to integrate the container environment into the existing architecture. This means that the containerized applications can be accessed directly from the existing infrastructure. With VMware Tanzu, the Kubernetes container environments can be very [...]

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