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S3 Object Lock: The object lock for more data integrity


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Achieve maximum data security and compliance on object storage with S3 Object Lock. Immutable data archiving has never been easier.

The Object Lock introduced by Amazon S3 stores objects using a Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) model. Netstream's Object Storage fully supports Object Lock, including all relevant S3 APIs and access control with permissions, bucket and IAM policies. In this use case, we will highlight the different use cases of S3 Object Lock and its benefits for enterprises.

Compliance with legal requirements and long-term data archiving

Companies in certain industries (for example, financial services or healthcare) are subject to strict compliance requirements. Object Lock enables these companies to protect objects in S3 buckets from modification or deletion. This ensures the long-term integrity of the data. This ensures compliance and data cannot be accidentally deleted or maliciously modified.

Protection against ransomware and unwanted changes

The threat of ransomware attacks is an increasing problem for many companies. Thanks to Object Lock, objects can be protected from changes too reliably, even if an attacker gains access to the S3 bucket. So by enabling Object Lock, you can ensure that your data is protected from ransomware and unwanted changes.

Audit-proof data archiving

Many companies are subject to legal or corporate policy requirements for long-term data retention. Object Lock allows data to be archived in an immutable state so that it cannot be deleted or modified. This ensures that data remains unchangeable and its integrity is maintained throughout its lifecycle.

Flexibility and management of the object lock

The Object Lock function provides flexible options for managing the object lock. The object lock can be activated for a specific period of time. Assign a duration of the lock per bucket to be able to map different requirements as well. In rare use cases it can be helpful to be able to lock the objects permanently and irrevocably. This case can also be mapped with the Object Lock by activating a permanent lock. But beware, this can also not be undone or changed by account holders.


S3 Object Lock is an essential feature of Netstream Object Storage that helps organizations ensure the integrity of their data and meet compliance requirements. With the ability to protect data from unwanted changes, ransomware attacks, and accidental deletion, Object Lock (WORM) enables you to securely archive critical business data for the long term.

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