Netstream offers office for shared use


We believe in a responsible use of resources and appreciate synergies. Therefore, we offer our spacious and modern office with event space in Wallisellen for shared use / sublease. We [...]

All power to the colleagues - now we decide!


We make around 20,000 decisions every day. Fortunately, most of them are rather trivial. But in the new agile-learning Netstream, leadership is distributed, and so we are now increasingly making important decisions as well. But what [...]

5 Learnings after the visit at Sipgate

On Thursday, August 16, 2018, nine Netstream employees visited the company Sipgate in Düsseldorf, because they seem to work completely different than we usually know from companies. Because they [...]

From 42.5 to 40 hours per week - but why?

The year 2018 has started for our employees with a new personnel regulation in which we have introduced many new things - of course only for their benefit. Among other things, we have [...]

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