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From 42.5 to 40 hours per week - but why?


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The year 2018 has started for our employees with a new personnel regulation in which we have introduced many new things - of course only for their benefit. Among other things, we have changed from the 42.5 hour week to the 40 hour week. But why? And how could we get the "missing" 2.5 working hours per week and thus almost 900 missing working hours per month considered over the whole company through to the management?

A question of mindset

Of course, everyone was aware that if you look at the issue on a purely numerical basis, the calculation does not add up. Because with this change, all employees are now actually working for only 94% of the same salary as before. Not bad I would say. But when it comes to people, it is not always a simple calculation and certainly not when it comes to the performance of people. Sure, you can run a machine 2.5 hours longer per week and it will be 2.5 hours more productive per week, which means that you can charge 2.5 hours more to the customer and get more revenue. But no human being in this world works like that, no human being is more productive by exactly this factor, just because he has to sit longer in the office. And that is precisely the principle behind our discussion of the 40-hour week. We asked ourselves what a person needs to be productive and efficient, to be creative, to develop new ideas and products, to be committed to the company and to think and act in the interests of the company and the community. These questions were the first step in the Mindset Change. Why? Because we started asking ourselves these questions in the first place.

Our statement, our goal

We wanted to make a statement with the introduction of the 40-hour weeks. It is enormously important to us that the people who work for us every day are mentally as well as physically healthy. This requires a good balance between work and free time. It is important to us that everyone feels good at our company and is therefore able to perform. Because as everyone knows, on a rational level: healthy and committed employees make happy customers and happy customers generate more sales, and so on and so forth. But to really feel and live this principle to the fullest - the mindset - requires a lot of (HR) work.

We are aware that "only" introducing the 40-hour week does not create a new working world and does not "achieve" employee health and satisfaction, but it is a first step on a long road towards our vision - starting the world of tomorrow today.

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