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Easy migration of your VMware environment


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With Netstream Workload Availability Service (NWAS), which is based on VMware Cloud Director Availability, you can migrate to the Netstream Cloud easily, securely, and especially faster. The service is designed to simplify onboarding and migration, as well as provide cost-effective availability and recovery. Thanks to the technology and with the additional support of our cloud experts, we can not only shorten the migration time and simplify the process, but also ensure optimal support for our customers.

The migration from on-prem to the cloud or from one cloud provider to another represents a major hurdle for many companies. Not least because of this, switching providers or replacing on-prem infrastructure is never decided lightly. On-prem to cloud or cloud to cloud migration to Netstream is easier and faster than ever thanks to Netstream Workload Availability Service (NWAS).

Service focuses on three main topics: Service Operation, Service Usage and Platform Integration. This can massively simplify various scenarios such as migration. VMware infrastructure operators can migrate to the Netstream Cloud more easily, more quickly, and especially more securely. Since we have been using the solution, the average migration time of our mission partners has been reduced by more than half (from around 6-9 months significantly to 2-3 months) - which also pleases our customers. This results in significantly lower investment costs (by reducing the migration effort).

What is VMware Cloud Director Availability?

VMware Cloud Director Availability is a converged appliance-based solution that simplifies onboarding, ensures continuous availability of VMware vSphere® workloads, and automates recovery operations. This can ensure secure migration between multi-tenant cloud sites. In addition to migration, the product includes disaster recovery capabilities.

The solution is capable of automatic inventory of virtual datacenters, unprotected and protected vApps and virtual machines, storage profiles and network configurations. The solution provides self-service migration of virtual machines from on-premises resources to the cloud, from the cloud to on-premises resources or from the cloud to a cloud vApp, as well as migration of virtual machines between VMware Cloud Director instances. This makes migration to the Netstream Cloud a real breeze.

Netstream Workload Availability Service (NWAS)

Netstream Workload Availability Service (NWAS) extends the technology of VMware by various services around the migration and ensures an optimal support of the customers. In addition, further features can be used, such as the establishment of a Layer 2 tunnel between the source infrastructure and the Netstream Cloud infrastructure. This enables the use of the active IP address range on the Netstream Cloud infrastructure as well. This allows workloads to be moved flexibly and used hybrid until the migration is complete - or even beyond. The various functions are used via a single management interface.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Faster onboarding when switching to Netstream
  • Support from Netstream Cloud experts throughout the migration and beyond
  • Easy and fast migration to the Netstream Virtual Data Center
  • Easier and more secure migrations between different cloud locations
  • More plannability through own migration plans
  • Additional disaster recovery capabilities for replication plans and even more security and availability
  • No dependency on cloud provider - workloads can be moved/migrated at any time.

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