The Virtual Data Center (VDC) allows you to virtualize and build an external data center infrastructure in the Netstream Public Cloud.

The Virtual Data Center (VDC) enables virtualization and the establishment of an external data center infrastructure. With the flexible, scalable and highly available cloud infrastructure based on VMware, a wide range of possibilities are available at the push of a button in the Netstream Public Cloud.

Virtual machines (VM) are virtual computers that provide the same functionality as physical computers. However, virtual machines are computer files that run on a physical computer. In other words, the VM (virtual machines) act as separate computer systems.


The Virtual Data Center can be integrated into the existing on-premises infrastructure with just a few mouse clicks using predefined APIs. The user himself decides, with complete control, which workloads are to be operated on-premises or outsourced in a highly available and cost-optimized manner. In this way, you decide on the degree of virtualization in the Netstream Public Cloud in your company.



Your data is stored in Switzerland and is subject to the Swiss Data Protection Act.



The solutions can be individually combined and configured. This gives you maximum flexibility.


In vCloud Director, predefined APIs, templates and apps can be used at the push of a button.

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Most often, virtual machines are used as a way to virtualize an external data center infrastructure. Since virtual machines run in a sandbox, i.e., in an area isolated from the rest of the system, many other use cases can also apply. For example, high-risk tasks (such as accessing files infected with viruses) can be executed securely.

Simple and versatile management

Manage your virtual data center independently of different security zones or locations conveniently and clearly in a single management console (Cloud Director by VMware). At the same time, you can see the resources used as well as the states of the individual applications. The VDC gets special flexibility through segmentation (e.g. individual customers or departments) or the selection of data center zones as well as locations.


Whether it's virtual machines (VMs), virtual appliances or entire vApps, your vDC will provision them in seconds at the touch of a button.

In addition, many other functions and configurations such as snapshot, clone, move, affinity rules, CPU, memory, network cards and more, can be used and configured in the management console.

Operating systems
SSD Storage (Flash Block)
Firewall, Security and more

By default, the VDC already includes an edge gateway (powered by NSX-V or NSX-T), which acts as a firewall between the public network and the VDC's internal network to handle security requirements.

In addition, the Edge Gateway has other functions:

  • DHCP
  • Routing
  • VPN (Client & Site)
  • Load balancer

All functions can be configured as needed in real time via web portal.

Network and Connectivity

The connections both inside VDC and outside can be configured in an extremely versatile way.

Networks of the type "isolated & forwarded" can be created very easily. To create a virtual Layer-3 architecture, simply attach Edge Gateways.

In addition, there is the possibility of connections via MPLS, SD-WAN, physical fiber optic lines directly to your VDC.

Object Storage

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Use Cases

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