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Highly available TV signals

Get TV signals from all over the world easily, highly available and uncomplicated.

Save yourself the effort of operating your own headend and trust a partner with many years of experience in streaming instead. Thanks to in-house signal reception facilities, we deliver highly available TV signals from all over the world and make them available to you easily and flexibly via fiber optic line as an IP stream or DVB. Choose from over 350 channels in SD, HD and UHD.

Our signals which we process for you are already highly available. Thanks to different sources (min. 2) our signals have an additional redundancy.

With the signal from different sources, we pay close attention to geographic independence (influence weather).

We deliver our signals as raw format (as from source) or already transcoded. We can offer transcoded signals as constant bitrate (CBR) as well as adaptive bitrate (ABR).

Our offer is designed to meet different requirements. We deliberately distinguish between primary, secondary and disaster recovery delivery. The benefits of the signals are aligned with the respective business case and the costs are adapted to your needs.

All signals are forwarded to you without delay. For our transcoded signals, we work with the latest technology and have also optimized the latency time. Thus, there is only a minimal delay of less than 2 seconds during digitization.

Our signals can be offered differently depending on your needs:

  • per channel
  • per bundle (e.g. language)
  • Flat rate (1G or 10G)

Since we know how important TV signals are, we offer different support classes (SLA). The standard product already includes a business support, which covers the business hours Mon-Fri with immediate response time. Optionally a 24/7 support can be offered.

We can additionally deliver our EPG to you via XML feed. So you can fill your existing system with appropriate information. 

TV station
SD transmitter
HD Channels

Use Cases

We have put together a few use cases for you, which needs this service addresses. Do you have individual requirements? No problem! Just get in touch with us.

Signal formats

Raw signal (as from source)

We deliver unaltered signals. Whether from studio, satellite (DVB-S/S2), air (DVB-T) or IP. As a raw signal, we forward them unchanged. The bandwidth can be VBR (variable bitrate) or CBR (constant bitrate). For applications that cannot handle VBR, it is important to transcode them. 

Transcoded signal

Our transcoded signals are available in different bandwidths. You can use one or even several profiles at the same time. An overview of the different profiles can be found below. 


Why Netstream?

Netstream has been successful in the streaming market for over 20 years.

Thanks to the company's own high-availability TV signal reception system, we are one of the few providers in Switzerland that can receive, transcode and also distribute TV signals. As early as 2004, Netstream was the first provider in Switzerland to offer live web TV. You too can benefit from our many years of experience.

Price models

Primary signal
CHF 12'900per month
  • Raw signal

  • over 350 channels

Backup signal
CHF 7'200per month
  • Raw signal

  • over 350 channels

Per Channel
CHF 180per month
  • full channel selection

  • customizable

More streaming solutions


Try our streams online.

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Video profiles

Profiles AProfiles BProfiles CProfiles DProfiles EProfiles FProfiles G
Bitrate394 kbit/s476 kbit/s1330 kbit/s2130 kbit/s3130 kbit/s4130 kbit/s4630 kbit/s (HD Standard)
6630 kbit/s (HD Premium)
Codec'sH.264 AVCH.264 AVCH.264 AVCH.264 AVCH.264 AVCH.264 AVCMPEG4-AACH.264 AVC
AC3 (in case of Dolby)
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