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Veeam to Object Storage


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Based on the standardized S3 protocol, Netstream is one of the first providers in Switzerland to integrate its object storage solutions into its customers' existing software solutions. In doing so, we work together with Cloudian, the leading provider of S3-compatible object storage.

Native object storage integration for S3-compatible service providers lets you seamlessly connect your Veeam environment to object storage, reducing your backup storage costs.

Due to growing data volumes and increasing compliance requirements, existing backup approaches must now be reconsidered and sustainably optimized. More and more data is being digitized and maintained in electronic form. There is no question that this data must be available at all times. The security of the data is essential. At the same time, many companies are under cost pressure. Previous solutions have to be questioned and new ways of thinking have to be integrated into the IT solution scenarios. Simply adding more storage is not the solution.

Your advantages

  • Relieve the load on your local backup infrastructure and thus increase availability.
  • With Cloudian as a partner, we guarantee seamless integration with existing services.
  • Store your sensitive data with a secure HTTPS connection.
  • Reduce your IT costs by connecting object storage.
  • Benefit from unlimited scalability with native object storage.
  • Thanks to geo-redundancy, your sensitive data is doubly protected.


Store your sensitive data directly on our object storage with a secure HTTPS connection. You can either use the standardized S3 protocol for automatic uploads or the WebGUI.


With Cloudian's Erasure Coding, your data is stored multiple times on redundant storage systems. This guarantees a nine 9s availability of your data.


Whether terabyte or petabyte, Netstream's Object Storage allows you to store large amounts of data - flexibly, securely and easily. Today, over 3 PB of storage is available for you and your business. Due to our close cooperation with Cloudian, Netstream can increase the storage size "just in time". So you can store your data worry-free in the cloud.

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