Object Storage

Object Storage:

The flexible S3 cloud storage

Available Locations:


Netstream, Dübendorf


Netstream, Glattbrugg

S3 Object memory

Netstream's Object Storage offers the highest availability and is 100% compatible with AWS's S3 standard.

This guarantees seamless integration into your existing services or application scenarios such as big data, analytics, backup or archive solutions. Simply connect the object storage to your existing backup infrastructure and gain security, flexibility and geo-redundancy.

The object storage solution, based on Cloudian HyperStore®, can be managed directly from VMware vCloud Director, a key component of the VMware Cloud Provider Platform.

Cloudian HyperStore® appliances are built on a robust object storage platform for handling massive amounts of unstructured data. It features almost unlimited scalability, geographic independence and multi-tenancy.

Object Lock prevents deletion of object versions during a user-defined retention period. Immutable S3 objects are protected by configuring WORM and retention attributes at the object or bucket level. Retention policy is defined using the S3 API or default values at the bucket level.

Erasure Coding (EC) is a method of data protection in which data is fragmented, expanded, and encrypted with redundant pieces of data and stored in different locations or on different storage media.

The administration of the Object Storage is done via a web portal, where you can make all configurations yourself.

S3 compatible

100% compatible with the S3 standard. This allows you to easily integrate backup or archive solutions as well as any S3-compatible application.

No limitations

Use buckets and users without limits.

secure archive solution

With Object Storage, you can archive your data in a legally compliant manner.

simple redundancy

Additionally, back up your data to object storage and get easy redundancy.

without borders

Scale at any time - no usage limits or reservations.

simple cost model

Simple and transparent pricing models with pay-as-you-go or price security thanks to bundles.

Test 14 days

Test Object Storage and find out if the solution meets your needs.

Simply and safely test for 14 days.

Object Lock

Use Object Lock to ensure that data remains protected and unchangeable.

Certain data can thus not be deleted or overwritten for a certain period of time. This can help protect data from accidental deletion or unauthorized access.

Object Lock can also help ensure compliance with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which impose certain requirements for storing and protecting data.

Object Lock

Perfectly suitable as an archive for your data.

Use object storage as a secure and simple archive solution. Thanks to the seamless integration of different providers, you can easily back up and archive your data geo-redundantly in the cloud.


Archive for Veeam

Easily connect your Veeam appliance to Archive Storage.


Archive for category

Easily connect your rubric appliance to Archive Storage.


Archive for Synology NAS

Create a Synology NAS backup via the built-in Backup to S3 function. 


Archive for QNAP NAS

Create a QNAP NAS backup directly via the built-in remote replication function. 

Archive via S3

Connect your Amazon S3 compatible applications directly to our Archive Storage.

Archive Storage Bundles

Pay up to two full months less with annual payments.


All prices excl. Other bundles on request.