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Ohlala Netstream - our branding show in the Circus for all senses


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"Out of control" is the theme of this year's Circus Ohlala, the show for all the senses.

Together with about 50 other #TeamNetstream members and about twice as many partners, customers and media representatives, I arrive at the Dübendorf airfield on this sunny Wednesday afternoon in a controlled manner. At the entrance to the circus tent, heated up by the late summer sun, we are given name tags by Netstream's creative marketing manager and the organizer of this event, Natasa Kovacevic.

In the main foyer of the tent, the exuberant and cheerful guests group around the bar tables, enjoy the appetizers and a cold beer, and eagerly await the upcoming branding show. Soon we are invited into the show tent to take our seats.

No less than Gregory Knie himself welcomes us to the stage, which is decorated with mannequins and silvery pipes and colorfully lit, and opens the branding show. Six couples dressed in charming underwear enter the stage and deliver a first spectacular, synchronous and very sexy dance show. At the latest now the attention of every single guest is focused on the stage.

The (fully clothed) ringmaster with a shimmering red circus jacket and a top hat on his head enters the stage. Emotions play a role not only in the circus, but also in our work at Netstream, he explains, and begins by thanking Netstream for its long-standing partnership. He asks our CEO Alexis Caceda to come on stage and ask him about Netstream's launch 20 years ago. "We didn't know what we were doing!" explains Alexis, leading into a PowerPoint presentation on the highlights of Netstream's history.

The HR excerpt about the foundation is followed by a photo of an old advertisement. It says "Incredibly fast Internet connection from 256 kbit to 20458 kbit at a super low price". This is then followed by a photo of our CIO Dominik (Dom) Breitenmoser in his younger years in a completely relaxed posture; his feet on the desk. The ringmaster says with amusement:" Sometimes it was like a circus with you!" Alexis smiles and counters: "We have always worked with a lot of passion and the fun at work was and still is an important factor at Netstream!

Milestones, which were briefly discussed afterwards, include the following: First provider with fixed IP addresses on ADSL, ADSL TV, Sunrise chooses Netstream's IPTV solution, 1st place in Bilanz Rating as best telephony provider, construction of the data center, main sponsor of FCZ, up to 100% solar power for the data center.

17 years after the foundation of Netstream, true to the motto "Change or die!", the transformation of the company started. Because not only the customer and the team have changed, but also the products and services. "Without great people, no great products," Alexis sincerely thanks his employees.

The following is a brand movie "The world is moving. Our brand is moving forward. Every day since 1998. We are connecting you to the moving world.", it says in front of wonderful nature images. The video is chicken-skin inspiring. "Enthusiasm! Passion! Empathy!" are the keywords for our most important success factors.

The three founders including the ringmaster enter the stage. CTO Reto tells that he has been friends with Dom since second kindergarten and he met Alexis in a chat. They were young and naive. Thank God. Because today, they agree, after assessing the risks, they might not have had the courage to start a company. When asked if they could have imagined then that they would be at this point today, Dom returns with a grin, "The only constant over the last 20 years is the uncertainty of where the journey is going." After passing the microphone around to each other, it landed on Alexis for the closing words, "The future is now! "

And this is the starting signal for another show interlude of the Ohlala artists. A couple, which acrobatically and no less aesthetically in teasing, tight, skin-colored underwear skillfully gymnastics on the vertical rope up and down again.

As a finale, all acrobatic couples enter the stage again and show their emotions in dance form: For the finale of their show, the dancers present the new Netstream logo - on their heads. An attentive young dancer directs his colleagues to turn the sign and so we get to see the new, wonderfully modernized Netstream logo from all sides. The euphoric crowd claps enthusiastically!

Ohlala Netstream! Yes, the future is now!

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