Support of energy saving project by Climate Foundation Switzerland


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Sustainability is an important topic for Netstream - on a social, economic and ecological level. One of the measures to consistently live up to this strategy is the conversion of the cooling system of our company-owned data center, which covers an area of around 500m2. Instead of using a machine to generate cooling, as was previously the case, the new system relies on cooling from the environment.

The Swiss Climate Foundation is supporting the conversion, which will cost around CHF 350,000, with a contribution of just under CHF 47,000.

We would like to thank the Swiss Climate Foundation for its support. It is not only important for the financing of the project, but above all proof of how energy-efficient the conversion of the plant is.

Alexis Caceda, CEO

The new cooling system saves as much electricity annually as around 200 typical Swiss households consume per year.

With such efficiency projects, SMEs actively contribute to climate protection and reduce their electricity costs at the same time. The foundation is happy to accept applications for support of such projects at any time.

Vincent Eckert, Managing Director, Climate Foundation Switzerland

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