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Birthdayevent: 20 years of Netstream!


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"We're going to Saas-Fee!!!! Right?" Two blue eyes beam at me confidently. "Of course, now you've finally guessed!" I reply with my usual wink, which hopefully makes the recipient doubt my answer. Such interrogations in front of the coffee machine became more and more frequent for the anniversary organization team Daniela T., Leandra, Monika and me the closer our event, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Netstream, came. So the tension rose immeasurably when boarding the two buses on the day of departure.

Arrived at the beautiful 4* Hotel Eiger Selfness in Grindelwald, we found ourselves in the rustic, hotel-owned restaurant Barry's and enjoyed our individually prepared Mongolian punch.

After a short walk we reached the Eiger+, THE bar in pretty Grindelwald. Today it was written in big letters: "CLOSED SOCIETY!" on the door. Not closed at all, but quite open and cordial, it went on inside the bar. The band MAXIN turned up the heat and even colleagues who never danced could not be held back. Employees whirled around skillfully in standard dance and one colleague impressed everyone with his acrobatic skills! Time flew by and fortunately, everyone thought, this was only the beginning...

Saturday morning could be spent individually, which was used for a good night's sleep, breakfast and morning sports. After lunch, 8 members of a film event crew showed up to inform the surprised Netstream team about the afternoon program. To crisply summarize: 3 teams create 3 films and in the evening there will be an Oscar ceremony. The teams were drawn and gathered separately to vote on the film and divide up the various tasks. So the intern became a Red Riding Hood, the quiet developer became a lively green-faced witch, incompetent cowboys, heavily armed badboys and a fluting blonde were running around everywhere. It was shot outside, in hotel rooms and even in a church under high pressure. Against the idyllic mountain backdrop, there were nasty staged brawls, Titanic reenactments and even murder. Sequences were shot over and over again until by evening everything was in the can! For the film crew, the back-breaking job now began: editing the films.

We, on the other hand, gathered for dinner, dressed in our prettiest clothes. At Barrys, we were once again treated to fantastic wine, top service, and a delicious holiday meal. It got quiet around the #TeamNetstream, only hi and there a "Mmmmmmmhhhh!" was heard. We were woken up from our food dreams by a "Happy Birthday to you!". In addition to Netstream, a long-time employee was also celebrating his birthday! One more reason to let it rip today. In the Eiger+, the red carpet was already rolled out for us, over which the Netstream actors strutted into the bar and took their seats on neatly arranged bar stools in front of a big screen.

The Oscar night could begin. The crowd was already roaring and clapping in the first few minutes. People cheered and congratulated each other on the great acting performance, the amazing disguise or make-up transformation. Afterwards, with the help of a decibel meter, we chose the Oscar winners in the categories of best actress, best actor and best film.

Then it got emotional: The congratulatory video for the three founders, secretly recorded by all employees, celebrated its premiere. Alexis, Dom and Reto were visibly touched and also surprised. They had not suspected anything, Alexis emphasized in his speech of thanks to all those present! To another 20 years everyone toasted the three, proud to have contributed a part to the success of Netstream! A perfect starting signal to end this wonderful day dancing.

Sitting on the bus the next morning, I felt that very special atmosphere that only happens when a really cool group spends an unforgettable time together. The weekend was a success all around.

MANY MANY MANY THANKS to the founders of Netstream Alexis, Dom and Reto , for letting us celebrate such a wonderful and gigantic anniversary weekend with you!

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