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What can I expect in the application process?


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You would like to apply for a job with us and would like some more input on our application process? We would be happy to give you an insight into our process and show you what you can expect from us.

Your dossier and the preselection

Your dossier can reach us in different ways. However, we prefer to receive your application via our applicant management tool. However, we are also happy to receive applications submitted by our employees or via various social media channels.

The first interview

During the interview, we would like to talk to you and get to know you as a person. We are very open and meet at eye level. What does that mean? It should not be a "sales show" from any side, but an honest and authentic exchange.

The first interview is usually attended by the direct line manager and someone from HR. The goal of the interview is to find out whether we as a company are a good fit for you as a person and vice versa. We don't have a dress code, so you can come in whatever clothes you feel comfortable in. We're also pretty sure to show up in jeans and sneakers (ok, our sales specialists might come in a shirt and jeans :-)).Attention: Already in the first interview we want to know what your salary expectations are. Therefore, prepare yourself for this question. We will then also tell you immediately whether these fit into our framework. However, a concrete offer will follow only in the second round of talks.

Getting to know each other in the team and possible personality analysis

The team is a crucial factor in our process. If we both have a good feeling after the first interview, a second interview will follow, where you will get to know the team.For some specific roles, we also conduct a personality analysis, which is sent after the first interview. The questions can easily be filled out online via a personal link. Very important for this analysis: There is no right and no wrong. After getting to know each other in the team and the assessment, if any, the process is completed for most positions. Depending on the job, a third interview may follow if someone who was not present in the first or second interview still wants to get to know you.

The offer

The agony of choice: The decision is usually not easy for us, because we always meet a lot of great people in the interviews. If the team, the line and HR are convinced by you and you also want to start with us, then we will make you an offer and send you the contract.

Between the conclusion of the contract and the start of work

Contract signed, start date known, first day of work still a bit far away. That's no reason not to join us at our events and celebrate with us! We will invite you to every event that takes place between the signing of the contract and the first day of work and look forward to your participation.

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