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Today, work is no longer a place, but a place where employees work mobile, secure and flexible with the end devices of their choice. For this to work smoothly and securely, suitable IT solutions such as Terminal Services are needed. With such a solution, you can virtualize low-performance workstations easily and reliably - so that you or your customers can deliver top performance even when working on the move.

What do we mean by a mobile and flexible workplace? The goal of such a workplace is to meet the challenges of the job safely, efficiently, and completely - and to do so independently of the current work location. Because the office of the present is located in the home office, in the suburban train, at the customer's or in the meeting room.

Evolved IT structures slow down mobile data transmission

Many people are regularly working on the move for the first time. This presents a new challenge not only for the employees themselves, but also for their employers and their IT infrastructures. This is because classic IT architecture approaches often do not do justice to the required flexibility. One reason for this is grown client/server architectures, which provide the backend of the application on the server, while the frontend is classically operated on the client (i.e., the user's workstation). This requires massive bandwidth in order to transfer data smoothly between the backend and the frontend.

Terminal Server for mobile working with classic office applications

The virtualization of less performance-intensive workstations with classic office applications is in most cases implemented quite simply via terminal servers. While the Netstream Cloud solution with VMware VDI Services achieves the best results for performance-intensive workstations, only the screen output is transmitted between the virtual data center and the user. The data itself remains in the data center. And thanks to the problem-free scaling (or reduction) of the Virtual Data Center Services, it is possible to react very quickly and flexibly to changing work models, such as in the times of Corona, and to ensure mobile work from the home office in an uncomplicated and simple manner.

Conclusion: The solution with Netstream's Terminal Services fully covers the needs in the area of low-power workstations while maintaining the classic application architecture. It also guarantees complete flexibility for the mobile workplace.

Safety "made in Switzerland

Security-critical workloads are in good hands with Netstream. That's because all of Netstream's cloud services are operated in our proprietary, highly secure Swiss data centers.

All advantages at a glance

  • Flexible scaling (or reduction) of computer resources
  • Flexible scaling of Internet bandwidth
  • High compatibility:
    Seamless integration of Netstream's Virtual Data Center into existing VMware environment.
  • High availability:
    Thanks to multiple redundant 40 Gbit Internet connection
  • Fulfillment of the highest security requirements:
    Hosting in own Swiss data centers
  • Easy entry into flexible working models for less digitized industries:
    Competent consulting by Netstream and certified partners

Are you interested in such a solution?

Build your solution for your end customers with Netstream Cloud Services or source a turnkey solution through our partners.

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