Human error as a cause of IT disruptions


Hardware failures, problems with the software or ransomware are well-known causes of disruptions and failures in IT. But human errors are also an unavoidable part of IT departments and are cause [...]

To create a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)


A disaster recovery plan (DRP) is a critical process for any business or organization to ensure, in the event of a failure or disruption to IT infrastructure or other mission-critical systems, [...]

Netstream brings Zerto to the Swiss cloud

Netstream and HPE

Netstream AG, expands its portfolio with the data availability solution from Zerto. The aim is to offer companies the option of storing their business-critical IT applications at a second location in a Swiss cloud [...]

7 reasons for a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Disaster Recovery

A business continuity plan (or disaster recovery strategy) includes measures for a possible IT failure in the company. We have compiled seven simple reasons why such a strategy is important for every [...].

Data center, power supply and redundancy

Mains voltage

The world is currently talking about the approaching power shortage. So it's only understandable that everyone is taking their emergency plans out of their drawers and revising them. Read in our article how the [...]

Zero Carbon Committed

Zero Carbon

"Imagine people living fulfilled lives together with technology and nature." With our vision in mind, we are committed to sustainability. With "Zero Carbon Committed" from VMware [...]

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