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Permanent availability of the infrastructure with a 2nd site


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With a little distance and a look at the actual requirements for the IT infrastructure, this step makes perfect sense for companies. In discussions with customers, the bandwidth of the on-premises infrastructure is often cited as a technical challenge - understandable if from one day to the next the entire workforce (or at least parts of it) accesses the on-premises data center via the Internet (secured via VPN/encryption/etc., of course).

Since the bandwidths are often insufficient, the result is performance degradation. This quickly leads to dissatisfaction in the user environment. Similarly, the home office can lead to a shift in user behavior - employees no longer work in their usual shift patterns due to the newly gained flexibility, but potentially work simultaneously with colleagues - this has a very direct impact on the performance requirements for the infrastructure. And here, too, waiting times create resentment among employees.

2nd Site - with all the possibilities of a cloud provider

Netstream's Virtual Data Center offers various advantages compared to a classic on-premises infrastructure at the customer's site. These are for example: flexible scaling of computer resources (of course also a reduction of resources), flexible scaling of Internet bandwidth as well as the flexible use of technologies such as GPUs to meet increased requirements. If the virtual data center is used as a supplement to the on-premises infrastructure, this is referred to as a classic hybrid cloud approach. The advantages of both areas (cloud and on-premises infrastructure) can be harmonized, offering the customer real added value in the areas of scalability, flexibility and availability.

Especially in the area of performance increases, additional VMs can be provided at any time to meet increasing user requirements. This means that new virtual desktops can be made available simply and efficiently at any time.

In line with the above possibilities, the 2nd site can also offer massive added value in the availability environment. Domain controllers, databases and other critical systems can be designed redundantly. This has a positive effect on performance and availability. In the event of technical challenges, the data is fully available on the other site - a real win-win situation for IT, employees and, ultimately, customers.

Advantages of this solution scenario:

  • Create new virtual machines or migrate existing workloads from your on-premises data center to the Netstream Cloud with the click of a button.
  • Easy creation of virtual machines allows flexibility to meet your peak performance or availability needs.
  • Netstream's Virtual Data Center offers the highest level of compatibility as well as seamless integration with your existing VMware environment.
  • The transparent and attractive pricing model adapts individually to your benefit without hidden costs.
  • A multiple redundant 40 Gbit Internet connection ensures network access at the highest speed at all times.
  • The availability and response times are regulated in our Service Level Agreements.
  • Flexible scaling (or also reduction)
  • Cost-optimized
  • Company-owned high-security Swiss data center

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