Secure your backup against ransomware


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The digital extortion market is booming. So-called encryption Trojans (ransomware) are a popular means of rendering companies' documents unusable and then extorting money. Often, the only option left for companies in such a case is to give in to the extortionists. But this does not have to be the case! Protect your backup additionally. 

Imagine sitting at work and no longer being able to access your data. This thought alone makes your blood run cold. But what happens next is like a movie. You receive a message and are asked by anonymous extortionists to pay a ransom in order to access your data again. Because only if you pay will you receive the key to render the unnoticed encryption Trojan (ransomware) harmless. It is not uncommon for companies to have no choice but to comply with the demand. But why many companies simply pay is due in particular to the fact that the time required for a complete restore of a backup can often take several days or, in the worst case, the backup is also affected by the ransomware. Another major concern for companies is that the extortionists not only threaten to destroy the data, but also to publish it on the Internet.  

Secure backup architecture gives ransomware no chance 

Netstream AG relies on the secure rubric architecture when it comes to backup. Of course, it must be possible to restore data in the event of a disaster, but the ransomware should be prevented from accessing your files and causing damage right from the start.  

Unlike traditional backup architecture, no external client has read or write access to your backup data. With traditional architectures, Trojans have an easier time accessing your files.  

Before data can be played back to production, Rubrik also ensures that it has not been modified beforehand. This way, you can be sure that no damaged or modified files can cause damage again on your production. The "instant recovery" approach also allows files to be made available directly on the Rubrik appliance. This makes it easy to restore even large amounts of data.  

Advantages of this solution scenario: 

Secure your backup files simply and easily with Rubrik Ransomware Protection. 

  • Prevent external software from accessing your backup data. 
  • Easily set replication and rules for your regular backup yourself. 
  • Restore even large amounts of data directly to the appliance using "Instant Recovery". 
  • Flexible scaling (or also reduction) 
  • Company-owned high-security Swiss data center  

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