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Project start for the certification according to ISO 27001:2013


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Netstream AG launches ISO 27001 certification project to give our partners and customers another edge in the market, making it easier to move to the cloud.

With the transformation into an agile learning company last year, we already decided to take a new path. Now the new management model is showing its strengths. By organizing into value-creating circles that bear end-to-end responsibility, decisions can be made where the know-how is to be found and decisions are needed. In addition, the individual circles are thus closer to the market and can adapt more reactively to dynamic conditions.

In various discussions with our partners, it quickly became clear that certification to the ISO 27001 standard was a need. "It is a matter of concern for us to know the needs of our partners and to deliver real added value. So we decided to get certified according to ISO 27001:2013 and are now starting with the implementation", says Reto Kasser, CTO of Netstream AG.

However, before the decision could be made, we had to clarify whether our chosen corporate structure could possibly represent an obstacle to certification. With the transformation to distributed leadership, we are committed to a paradigm shift in business. In the end, it quickly became clear that market standards such as ISO certification could also be adapted to our innovative organizational structure.

We plan to obtain ISO 27001:2013 certification in early 2022.

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