New plant and water walls and bureau booths


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Our new office in Wallisellen is taking shape. Plant walls and waterfalls bring nature to us and improve our air quality. In addition, there are new Bureau Booths, which are designed to allow quiet and focused work or meeten.

A lot has happened in our office in the last few weeks. One particular highlight is the plant and water walls that separate our offices. Because these not only provide some nature in the office, but also improve our air quality enormously. 1540 plants have already ensured that the air humidity has risen from 28% to 45% - in just three days. The psychological effect of the new walls should not be underestimated either. We almost feel like we're in a spa when we're working.

Also newly added are three Bureau Booths. They are acoustically isolated and offer space for focused work, confidential conversations or simply a change of scenery. They are not only energy-efficient, but have also been made largely from recycled materials.

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