Netstream takes over bee sponsorship


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Netstream supports the bee interest group and takes over the sponsorship of three bee colonies. In this way, we would like to support in particular young beekeepers in Switzerland who are committed to organic beekeeping.

Since the film "More than honey" at the latest, many people have become aware of how important bees are for our natural world and how badly they are in the meantime. We also want to make a contribution at this point and support the Interessensgemeinschaft Biene, a small group of committed beekeepers. They are confronted with bee mortality, varroa and other diseases on a daily basis. But they have decided to no longer just watch, but to actively do something about it. All of them work for this project in their free time and support beekeepers through donations.

As Netstream AG, we have now taken over the sponsorship of a total of three bee colonies and are pleased to be able to make a small contribution so that the buzzing of this great little creature does not disappear! In this sense... SUMM SUMM little bee: We count on you!

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