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Calculate cloud costs at Netstream: This is how it works


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Calculating the cost of cloud services can be complex and time-consuming, and all you want to do is find out the cost from one provider. We think it can be easier and faster. We'll show you a simple way to get an overview of your cloud costs from Netstream.

In general, the cost of cloud computing is often specified per hour or even per day. Almost as often, the cost is specified in size or duration of an instance. Beyond that, there is certainly one or two other variants.

The complexity of such cloud pricing models is extremely high and sometimes also quite difficult to understand. In addition, there are also additional hidden costs that are not readily apparent. These include, for example, costs for incoming and outgoing traffic or for other resources such as requests, which are counted and thus entail unexpected additional costs.

We try to simplify this calculation so that our customers have a clear overview of the monthly costs and can calculate them themselves at any time.

We'll show you how to calculate the monthly cloud costs of your existing on-premises vSphere environment in just a few minutes. Simply follow the instructions below in just three steps.

3 steps to your cloud costs

Install the PowerCLI tool from VMware if it is not already installed.

Install-Module -Name VMware.PowerCLI

Run the following Powershell commands to create an export from your vSphere inventory. NOTE: This anonymizes all data and exports only the resource values of CPU, memory, and disk space!

$vcenter = Read-Host 'Enter Your vmware vCenter Host:'
Connect-VIServer $vcenter

| Select-Object @{Name='Name';Expression={Get-Random}},PowerState,NumCPU,CoresPerSocket,MemoryMB,MemoryGB,UsedSpaceGB, ProvisionedSpaceGB, GuestId | Export-CSV netstream-cloud.csv -NoTypeInformation

3. send the generated file "netstream-cloud.csv" to

You have now already done the most difficult part. You can now relax and in the next 24 hours you will receive an overview of your cloud costs at Netstream.

Do you have a different environment than vSphere? No problem, contact us via in LiveChat or +41 58 058 40 00 and we will be happy to create an individual offer or answer your questions.

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