Netstream AG establishes two subsidiaries

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Netstream AG establishes Netstream Immobilien AG and Netstream Cloud AG as new subsidiaries. Netstream AG holds a 100% stake in each of the two companies. The entry in the commercial register in Zurich took place on July 21, 2020.

The new formation of Netstream Immobilien AG and Netstream Cloud AG was carried out for reasons of transparency against the background of focusing on the core business with cloud and streaming services. The company thus ensures the necessary agility in the organization and creates the entrepreneurial prerequisite to react quickly and flexibly to the requirements of customers and markets at any time as a competent IT infrastructure provider. The new structure also allows individual business areas to be expanded further.

Existing customer and supplier contracts will be transferred to the new companies over time. There will be no contractual changes for the employees of Netstream AG.

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