Netstream weighs anchor after 17 years and relocates

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After a change-filled first half of the year, the desire for more flexibility in our office space grew. Now the new Netstream office in Wallisellen is being built, to which we will move before the end of the year.

The year 2020 is an extremely exciting one for Netstream AG in many respects. We spent the first half of the year working intensively on the implementation of our focus strategy. But it is not only our portfolio that has changed this year. We also completely overhauled the way we manage our business. This year saw the launch of shared leadership in the form of a collegially managed company (see Collegial Leadership, Bernd Oestereich, Claudia Schröder). In this way, we ensure the necessary agility in the organization and create the entrepreneurial prerequisite to react quickly and flexibly to the requirements of customers and markets at all times as a competent IT infrastructure provider.

These changes and the general desire for more flexibility have now led us to also re-evaluate our current company location and office space. Now, after 17 years, we are pulling up anchor and will soon be moving to Richtistrasse 4 in Wallisellen. The fourth floor is currently still under construction, but in just a few months we will be able to live out our newfound agility in the new premises and simply provide solutions for our customers. The first pictures of the construction site will follow.

Our in-house data centers will remain in Dübendorf.

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