Changes in the Board of Directors and operational management of Netstream

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After 25 years of dedicated service, Dominik Breitenmoser has decided to leave the Board of Directors as well as the operational management of Netstream AG. During his many years of service, Mr. Breitenmoser has contributed significantly to the success and growth of our company and has shaped Netstream as well as the Swiss TV market with his forward-looking innovations. In recent years, Mr. Breitenmoser has also been intensively involved in the transformation of Netstream into an agile-learning company, thus providing the company with new tools to confidently move into a successful future.

"Although our strategic views for Netstream have diverged, I am grateful for 25 years of valuable experience and wish Netstream a future filled with realized visions."

Dominik Breitenmoser

In the course of this, Reto Kasser, will also leave the Board of Directors of Netstream AG. However, we are pleased to announce that Mr. Kasser will remain active in the operational management and retain his role as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In this position, he will continue to dedicate himself to his passion for technological innovation.

"By selectively reducing the size of the Board of Directors, we are focusing on a leaner organizational structure in order to be able to make decisions more quickly and respond more effectively to changing market requirements. At the same time, strategic alignment and coordination will be ensured in the newly established Netstream Holding AG."

Reto Kasser

The changes and centralization of strategic management in the holding company gives us the opportunity to continue to respond reactively to the needs of the market in the future. To achieve this, we will continue to do our best to successfully expand our business.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Alexis Caceda, CEO Netstream AG

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