Leveraging Kubernetes as a cloud-native application in existing architecture


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The seamless integration of Kubernetes via VMware Tanzu makes it extremely easy to integrate the container environment into the existing architecture. This means that the containerized applications can be accessed directly from the existing infrastructure.  

VMware Tanzu makes it very easy to integrate Kubernetes container environments into existing structures and architectures. Through the VMware NSX network stack, Kubernetes instances can be integrated into the same networks as the virtual machines in Netstream's Virtual Data Center (VDC). This brings the great advantage that new containerized applications can be accessed directly from the existing infrastructure. Thus, no complex network configurations are necessary to be able to use Kubernetes.  

Containerization allows updates to your applications and environments to be installed through a simple deployment process. Activate as many new instances as you like, scaling quickly and flexibly in both directions at any time. When the workloads are no longer needed, the unused environments can be shut down quickly. This saves resources and thus costs and allows you to quickly adapt to your needs.  

Native integration with the Netstream Cloud 

Thanks to the Kubernetes stack from VMware Tanzu, the manual installation and operation of the Kubernetes clusters is no longer necessary, as they are already provided dedicated by the Netstream Cloud. Nevertheless, the customer retains full control over all Kubernetes functions through the dedicated Kubernetes environment. Furthermore, there is no additional cost to you for the Kubernetes platform. You only pay for the resources used from the VDC. 

Application example: Replacing virtual machines with containers 

For example, replace virtual machines with Kubernetes containers. This way, applications can be deployed in containers. In this way, you replace the virtual machines as interfaces. The new containers can be scaled flexibly according to demand and workload - in both directions. Scaling can even be automated. Access to the databases or data storage then works via a backend network directly into the VDC. 


  • Fully managed Kubernetes service from the Swiss cloud 
  • High availability through clustering and load balancing 
  • Easy and fast scaling of instances 
  • High-performance load balancers for larger workloads 
  • Easy management in VMware Cloud Director 
  • Directly integrated into existing networks 
  • Enterprise-grade Kubernetes environment  

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