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7 reasons for a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Disaster Recovery

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A business continuity plan (or disaster recovery strategy) includes measures for a possible IT failure in the company. We have compiled seven simple reasons why such a strategy makes sense for every company.

Imagine the following scenario: It's 9:30 in the morning. The workday is already in full swing and your employees are diligently going about their work. But suddenly, your IT manager's phone won't stop ringing. The sales department can no longer access your customer database, the accounting department can't start the ERP and the monitoring system spits out one error message after the next. Obviously, your IT infrastructure is paralyzed - but you still don't know why. What do you do? We show you why preventive measures in the form of a business continuity strategy make sense in such a case.

1. failures can cause high costs.

If digital applications are no longer accessible, many business processes can be thrown into disarray and employees can suddenly no longer carry out their usual work. Depending on the size of the outage and the time it takes, this means lost revenue on the one hand and an additional investment for recovery on the other. With the right strategy, you can drastically minimize downtime and keep the most important processes running continuously.

2. the backup alone is often not enough.

Creating a backup is already a first and simple step in precaution. But what if the backup has already been infiltrated by malware or if the backup cannot be accessed in the event of a failure?

3. cybercrime is on the rise.

Cybercrime, and in particular the threat of ransomware attacks, has increased significantly in recent years. Fraudsters paralyze your IT in the process and demand a ransom for your data. With a suitable strategy, you need neither fear data loss nor give in to the extortionists in any way.

4. prevention is better than aftercare.

Plan for emergencies instead of panicking in the event of a disaster and losing important time in the process.

5. versatile reasons for failures that threaten your continuity.

It doesn't have to be a ransomware attack; a simple operator error or elemental damage such as water, fire or an earthquake can also cripple your IT systems.

6. failures can threaten the existence.

Failures or malfunctions of your IT can last a long time, become expensive and, in the worst case, endanger the existence of your company.

7. preventive measures received as a service

Many companies do not have the human and/or financial resources for an efficient disaster recovery strategy. For such companies, we offer a simple service that develops and implements a strategy that is right for you.

Creating and implementing a contingency strategy doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Learn more about business continuity in our Netstream Workload Availability Service.

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