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Prevent IT failure

With the Workload Availability Service powered by Zerto, you can easily withstand any disruption to your IT infrastructure.

Zerto's service increases your IT resilience, whether you're managing a small IT environment or running a complex multi-cloud environment with a five-figure number of VMs. With Zerto, the certainty that your business will continue to run smoothly in an emergency becomes a reality.

Zerto Continuous Data Protection (CDP) enables organizations to continuously capture and track data changes at the block level, allowing data and applications to recover at any point in time with a high level of granularity.

With Continuous Data Protection, you can predefine everything you need to successfully recover your workloads. It lets you recover files, VMs, applications, or entire data centers with just a few clicks. 

Run tests while the system is running - without having to rely on weekends or holidays. Not only can you test individual virtual machines in isolation, but you can also seamlessly recover entire applications or even complete data centers. We rely on automation to provide you with maximum efficiency and security for your disaster recovery tests. 

Zerto has a scalable architecture to protect petabytes of data and thousands of VMs.

Workload Mobility

Easily migrate application and data workloads, without risk and with 100% protection.

more security

Increase the security of your IT infrastructure and benefit from ultra-fast recovery times.

Continuous availability

Keep your business processes up and running and arm yourself against outages.

Fully orchestrated

Fully orchestrated disaster recovery solution from Netstream's cloud.

Multi-cloud agility

Thanks to the multi-cloud approach, a variety of hypervisors can be replicated.

simple cost model

With the simple and transparent pricing models you have the finances under control.


Disaster Recovery

Back up your workloads to an additional location for easy switching in the event of a disaster.

Additionally, with Netstream's flexible service, you synchronize your workloads to the Netstream Cloud, preventing downtime in the event of a disruption. Benefit from ultra-fast recovery times.

Easy migration

We are also equipped for your hypervisor and ready for migration.

Migrations are usually tedious and time-consuming. With us it is different. With our simple migration service, we migrate your infrastructure regardless of your hypervisor.

Migrate your VMware vSphere VMs directly to the Netstream Cloud. 

Migrate your Microsoft HyperV VMs to the Netstream Cloud and then leverage the VMware Cloud Director environment.

Migrate your AWS VMs to the Netstream Cloud and then leverage the VMware Cloud Director environment.

Migrate your Kubernetes environment to Netstream Cloud and leverage the native integrated Kubernetes as a Service solution (Tanzu powered by VMware).


Multi-cloud agility

Thanks to the multi-cloud approach, a variety of hypervisors can be replicated or migrated.

VMware vSphere

Secure your on-premises infrastructure on VMware vSphere to the Netstream Cloud.

Microsoft HyperV

Secure your Microsoft HyperV workloads to the Netstream Cloud.

VMware Tanzu

No matter where you already have VMware Tanzu deployed, your workloads can be easily backed up to the Netstream Cloud.

IBM Cloud

Secure your workloads from the IBM Cloud to the Netstream Cloud.


Already using Kubernetes in a cloud of your choice? Secure workloads to the Netstream Cloud thanks to VMware Tanzu.

Microsoft Azure

Use the service to back up your Microsoft Azure workloads to the Netstream Cloud.


Secure your AWS workloads to the Netstream Cloud.

Google Cloud

Your workloads are running in the Google Cloud? Simply back them up to Netstream's cloud.


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