As is still often the case with small companies, the servers of Inpuls AG were located in a corner of the office. Even minimal security features such as air conditioning or failover protection were missing. Not to mention redundancies (except for a RAID system). End customers of Inpuls had to expect long downtimes (often a whole day). Such downtimes led to additional costs for Inpuls in the form of repairs and damages.


The company finally decided to no longer bear the shortcomings of its own infrastructure and to evaluate a cloud solution that would better meet its needs.

In Netstream, we have found a competent cloud provider that expands our range of professional services and always meets our quality requirements.


Inpuls AG has been one of Netstream's loyal customers for many years. Inpuls was already very satisfied with the ISDN Internet connection, which is why it was obvious to also consider Netstream as a cloud provider. During a partner event, Inpuls finally got to know the cloud team and the new solutions and decided to test the solutions presented. After it was clear that the cloud solution would meet the high demands, the first three servers (web hosting, mail hosting and Nextcloud) were put into operation.


Inpuls uses a combination of the Netstream Public Cloud (Virtual Data Center), the Backup & Recovery Add-on and the S3 Object Storage. This made it possible to reduce the on-premises environment, minimize downtime and also save costs. The replacement allows Inpuls to concentrate on core IT services and thus focus on its actual specialization. 


All web hosting, as well as Nextcloud for Inpuls' end customers, run in the Netstream Cloud. In addition, server infrastructures of end customers also run in the Netstream Cloud(VDC).


Object Storage

S3 Cloud Storage

Object Storage

Netstream's Object Storage is available to you as a flexible S3-enabled cloud storage simply, securely and around the clock.
To the Object Storage

Virtual Data Center

Public Cloud Solution

Virtual Data Center

The Virtual Data Center (VDC) enables the complete virtualization of a data center in the Netstream Public Cloud.
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