In order to back up the large amounts of data that accrued, Friendly GmbH used an FTP storage system. However, especially with "static" storage plans, the solution reached its limits. Therefore, it quickly became clear that a dynamic storage solution should be evaluated, which would better cover the needs of the company and offer the necessary flexibility.

We have been using Netstream for scalable backups of our customer data in Switzerland since 2020.


After researching on the Internet about the various possible solutions and providers on the market, Friendly GmbH finally came across Netstream. The provider of choice absolutely had to be based in Switzerland and host the customer data in Switzerland. Both requirements were met by Netstream. Netstream's many years of experience and in particular its corporate culture finally convinced Friendly GmbH and requested more information about the solutions. After a test, the company finally decided on Netstream's S3-compatible object storage.


Friendly GmbH uses Netstream Object Storage to back up its large data volumes to the cloud. For data transfer, the company uses the open source software s3cmd. The software uses the Amazon S3 standard to transfer data. The solution has high flexibility due to S3 compatibility and is easy to scale. 


Object Storage

S3 Cloud Storage

Object Storage

Netstream's Object Storage is available to you as a flexible S3-enabled cloud storage simply, securely and around the clock.
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