Tanzu Architecture

As a fully managed Kubernetes service, we make it easy for you to deploy and manage containerized applications.

Netstream Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS) powered by VMware Tanzu is a scalable, multi-regional and Swiss-based Kubernetes service. As a fully managed service, we make it easy for you to deploy and manage containerized applications. 

The complexity of our IT applications is increasing and there is no way around it. Netstream Kubernetes as a Service is a cloud-based container orchestration solution based on VMware Tanzu that seamlessly integrates with Netstream's Virtual Data Center. The solution automates the management, scaling, modification, update and deletion of Kubernetes clusters. This gives you the ability to perform app development in a reliable computing environment, not only saving you time, and costs on external resources, but also massively increasing efficiency. Reduce time to market for your apps with modern application development.



We provide all the components required for Kubernetes and operate them for you.



Roll out your applications easily and quickly - at the touch of a button.



Use the proven VMware Cloud Director interface or API for management and stay in control at all times.


Netstream Kubernetes as a Service was built on the proven technology of VMware Tanzu with security, flexibility and compatibility at its core. With an efficient and lightweight architecture, you can deploy production-ready, scalable Kubernetes-clusters in minutes. With the Netstream KaaS infrastructure resources such as Volumes (vSAN), load balancers (NSX-T) and VPCs are natively integrated into the Kubernetes-environments.

Native integration into the Virtual Data Center

Use Netstream's Virtual Data Center as the basis for Kubernetes as a Service and easily switch additional virtual machines on and off. With native integration, this happens in seconds and without much effort.

Automate updates

Schedule automatic updates of your clusters to new versions of Kubernetesso you can take advantage of improvements to the orchestration platform.

Scaling with the Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler

Use Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler to add instances of your application services as needed to meet demand.

Free your Apps

Microservices, containers and Kubernetes help free apps from infrastructure so they can work independently and run anywhere. With VMware Tanzu you can make the most of these cloud-native patterns, automate the deployment of containerized workloads, and proactively manage apps in production. It's about giving developers the freedom to do their thing: grosto develop great apps.

Firewall & Security

Use the Virtual Data Center's integrated firewall (NSX-T) to secure your clusters and define which services and ports can be accessed.

Full cluster lifecycle management

Kubernetes is a rapidly changing platform with extremely high speed in releasing new versions. Netstream Kubernetes as a Service has built-in commands to update your control plane, seamlessly minimizing downtime and errors

Native Tools to Kubernetes (K8s)

Use tools (like kubectl CLI), any application from the Kubernetes ecosystem, or the API to achieve a fully consistent user experience. Leverage the full ecosystem without limitations.

More efficient use of resources

Kubernetes understands the compute, memory, and storage resources that each application requires. With predictive scheduling of instances across the cluster, you maximize the efficiency of your resources.

roll out independent of location

Roll out your application anywhere Kubernetes by Tanzu is supported to harness the full power of the cloud.

Use Cases

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