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The Netstream Cloud on AWS

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Available Locations:


AWS, Zurich


AWS, Frankfurt

Flexible and highly available

Manage and monitor virtual machines and containers on AWS using the proven VMware platform.

By providing a consistent infrastructure, Netstream Cloud on AWS enables easy migration of workloads and applications to dedicated infrastructure on AWS using familiar VMware technology. 

Netstream uses a dedicated infrastructure in the AWS Cloud. You have the option to share this infrastructure with other Netstream customers or to use a dedicated infrastructure. We will then make this available to you on a customized basis.

Want to use AWS services? Netstream Cloud on AWS makes it easy for you to do so.

Use the AWS Cloud via VMware's proven platform and thus centrally via Netstream. 

Leverage the world of AWS integrated with Netstream. Manage, monitor or move virtual machines between clouds and manage them centrally from one platform. Easily realize your multi-cloud strategy.

Workload Mobility

Easily migrate application and data workloads between Netstream and AWS.


Simply build multiple sites with georedundancy.

central management

A fully integrated VMware environment on AWS gives you easy management.

AWS Services

Use over 200 AWS services to modernize existing applications or build new ones.

Multi-cloud approach

Combine Netstream's Swiss cloud with AWS and stay flexible in your cloud strategy.

Disaster Recovery
Replicate to VMware Cloud on AWS to one or more Software-Defined Data Centers with VMware Site Recovery Manager.

VMware HCX, a multi-cloud app mobility solution, is provided free of charge to all SDDCs and facilitates the migration of workload VMs from your on-premises datacenter to your SDDC.

Migration with vMotion, also known as hot migration or live migration, moves a powered-on VM from one host or datastore to another. Migration with vMotion is the best option for migrating a small number of VMs without downtime.
Cold migration involves moving powered-off VMs from one host or datastore to another. Cold migration is a good option if you can tolerate some VM downtime during the migration process.

Multi Cloud Availability

Migrate your virtual machines between different locations.

VMware Cloud on AWS supports multiple vSphere installations and a variety of tools and methods for hybrid migration, including

VMware Cloud on AWS provides a dedicated, multi-tenant cloud infrastructure with support for multiple SDDCs per enterprise.

Up to 16 hosts per cluster are possible, deployed on AWS' next-generation bare-metal infrastructure based on the latest Amazon EC2 Storage Optimized High I/O instances and featuring low-latency NVMe-based Non-Volatile Memory Express (SSD).

  • AWS native services integration

  • Bare Metal Cloud Infrastructure

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Flexible storage options
  • On-demand licensing

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