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Cloud Native Computing Meetup | November 2022


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16:00 – Door Opening
16:05 – Welcome, Intro, & Announcements
16:15 – Session 1: “How to put an elephant in a container ship in 3 steps?” by Laetitia Avrot (EDB)
16:55 – 5 minutes pause
17:00 – Session 2: “Multi-tenancy solutions on Kubernetes, how Capsule and Kamaji provide them” by Alessio Greggi and Massimiliano Giovagnoli (Clastix)
17:40 – 5 minutes pause
17:45 – Session 3: “When GitOps Is Not Enough” by Alexander Hungenberg (Roche)
18:25 – Final words, networking & apéro!

Session 1: “How to put an elephant in a container ship in 3 steps?”
Have you ever asked yourself what was all this fuss about PostgreSQL running on containers with Kubernetes? Did you try it several years ago and your scars are still hurting? Are you convinced it’s a good idea for your company but you can’t find out how to proceed? Would you like to know more about the new open source project “CloudNativePG” and its young community? This talk should answer your questions! Come and see why and how you can make Postgres happily running in containers alongside Kubernetes and, most importantly, if that’s a good move for your project and context.

Speaker: Lætitia Avrot is Field CTO for EDB in France. She began working with PostgreSQL in 2007. She also had to learn Oracle and SQL Server at the same time. She had a lot of exciting experiences with high availability, production crashes, disaster recovery plan, load balancing, spatial data… She’s involved with the community as she was elected PostgreSQL Europe treasurer, she co-founded Postgres Women, and she’s a recognized PostgreSQL project contributor.

Session 2: “Multi-tenancy solutions on Kubernetes, how Capsule and Kamaji provide them”
Managing tenants is hard. The more isolation we provide the higher security level we reach. Nevertheless, isolating clusters per tenant can lead to the well-known problem of cluster sprawl. Multi-tenancy solutions come as a large spectrum of implementation points. Let’s see how we approached this challenge.

Speakers: Alessio Greggi is a DevOps Engineer playing with containers and automation at Clastix. He has a background in cyber security and he’s worked as Security Analyst. Alessio holds a Bachelor in Computer Science from the University of Rome, Tor Vergata and is very passionate about open source and community engagement.
Massimiliano Giovagnoli having always been fascinated by mathematics and computers, began his career as a web developer, and with a need to dive into how things work his interests and experience moved to infrastructure design and management. With growing awareness and experience in operations and site reliability, he’s now a Cloud solution architect at Clastix, where he is responsible to help customers design cloud native infrastructures and support development of cloud native products.

Session 3: “When GitOps Is Not Enough”
GitOps is an awesome pattern for managing infrastructure. However, in some cases, managing one (or a few) environments is not sufficient – but instead many, potentially even thousands of very similar environments must be handled (and kept in sync).
Think about examples like:
– Keeping your dev, staging and prod environments in sync
– Setting up and maintaining common infrastructure in many AWS accounts for an entire organization
– Operating a large number of similar Kubernetes clusters
This talk will show how Roche, one of the world’s largest healthcare companies, is tackling this problem with a new approach we call MegOps (=Meta GitOps). It is based on utilizing templates for Git repositories, which can be easily applied with a new open source tool (foxops).

Speaker: Alexander Hungenberg is a tech lead on the edge infrastructure team at Roche. The team is solving the challenge of deploying applications to thousands of on-premise environments around the world. Before that, he worked (and still does) as a software engineer not only in healthcare but also in the telecommunications industry and public sector.

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