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Cloud Native Computing Meetup | February 2023


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16:00 – Door Opening
16:10 – Welcome, Intro, & Announcements
16:15 – “Observability with OpenTelemetry & Distributed Traces” by Jean-François Muller & Dennis Kuipers (ServiceNow)
16:45 – 5 minutes pause
16:50 – “Protect against unknown security vulnerabilities” by Claudio Serrano (SUSE)
17:20 – 5 minutes pause
17:25 – “How to protect Kubernetes in a Multi-Cloud world” by Reto Kasser (Netstream AG)
17:55 – Final words
18:00 – Networking & apéro

Session 1: “Observability with OpenTelemetry & Distributed Traces”

Being part of the Lightstep (co-founder of OpenTelemetry) journey, we would like to share with the community the benefits of OpenTelemetry & Distributed Traces: what it changes in the world of Monitoring/Observability/Application Performance Management (APM), the new capabilities and workflows it brings illustrated by examples from our customers.

Speakers: Jean-François Muller & Dennis Kuipers are technical advisors for Lightstep in the region. Lightstep is the co-founder and a major contributor to the OpenTelemetry project. A couple of years ago, Jean-François co-founded a performance engineering consulting company in Switzerland and spent a significant amount of time helping customers improve the performance of their business-critical applications. Dennis has significant experience in both worlds (Development and Operations), he worked with multiple open-source frameworks and vendor solutions to build operation platforms that included Infrastructure/Application (APM) monitoring, event management, service management, and integrations with other systems within major financial institutions.

Session 2: “Protect against unknown security vulnerabilities”

Kubernetes makes it easy to deploy and manage your cloud-native applications, and as such security becomes a challenge in a dynamic containerised environment. It is clear that your containers should not contain vulnerabilities throughout the complete supply chain – from development through to deployment with the relevant admission controls in place. In this talk, you will be shown how the NeuVector project, the first Open-Source Cloud Native Security solution can secure the complete software development lifecycle and can even protect against unknown or unpatched vulnerabilities with its zero-trust runtime security model.

Speaker: Claudio Serrano has over 30 years of experience in IT, holding different positions as Solution Architect at Financial and Telecom Institutions & at IT companies such as HPE, BMC Software, and Microfocus. Currently, he is a Pre-Sales engineer at SUSE covering the Cloud Native portfolio for the DACH region.

Session 3: “How to protect Kubernetes in a Multi-Cloud world”

More and more companies are looking for workload protection or balance in a dynamic world of clouds. Kubernetes already solves many problems. Heavy containers like databases are still challenging in terms of a smooth disaster recovery plan. This data can be persistent and hard to move.
Learn how to protect and move workloads in a multi-cloud world of Google GKS, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) together with the Netstream Kubernetes Service on Tanzu (NKT).

Speaker: Reto Kasser is one of the founders and CTO of Netstream AG and has over 25 years of experience in ICT. For several years, he has focused on driving the Netstream Cloud Services business operated in company-owned Data Centers.


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