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Netstream, Dübendorf


Netstream, Glattbrugg


AWS, Zurich


AWS, Frankfurt

Flexible, scalable and cost-effective

In the public cloud, you use resources from a shared pool.

A public cloud is a cloud computing service model in which a cloud infrastructure is provided and managed by a third-party provider (in this case, us) that is accessible to the general public over the Internet. In a public cloud, users can access applications, storage, computing power, and other resources.

Use highly scalable resources from a provided resource pool. Here, different customers are located on the provider's hardware at the same time.

Benefit from a standardized environment.


Netstream Public Cloud

Netstream's Swiss public cloud is a real alternative to hyperscalers.

Netstream currently maintains two company-owned data centers in the Zurich area. For additional redundancy, we operate two additional sites in external data centers - also in Switzerland.

Public Cloud on AWS

Use Netstream's public cloud on AWS as well - simply multi-cloud.

Seamless integration with Netstream's cloud environment means you can also incorporate AWS public cloud into your cloud strategy.

VMware Cloud Verified

Virtual Data Center

The Virtual Data Center in the Public Cloud.

Leverage VMware's popular and efficient cloud environment in the Netstream Public Cloud. 

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