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Our popular Swiss TV platform nello is coming back!

A good 18 years ago, we launched, the first streaming portal for real-time TV in Switzerland. A few years later, this evolved into our popular TV platform nello, which attracted over 80,000 customers at peak times. As part of our focus strategy, we decided to say "thank you & goodbye" to nello and discontinued the platform in March 2020.

But now the popular TV platform nello is coming back and already at the end of 2022. Alexis Caceda, CEO of Netstream AG answers the most important questions around the comeback of nello.

For what reason was nello once launched?
It was a classic startup project. We didn't have a business case for nello. We simply enjoyed enabling our customers to do something they had never done before: Watch TV anywhere, uncomplicated. For us, it was an incredible fun project to always look for the best TV experience for our customers. No matter how many technical or legal hurdles we had to overcome. 

Why was nello a project with a pioneering spirit?
Back in 2004, we not only launched the first real-time TV with, we were also the first to launch the now popular "Comeback TV" via Sunrise TV a few years later (today also known as Replay TV).  

Nello also had several "nerd" features that we developed for our customers. I remember that we enabled fully automated payment of TV subscription via 0900 number. Also, the customer could choose in which protocol (RTSP or HTTP) he wanted the streaming. This made it possible, for example, to bypass various enterprise firewalls and watch TV even while at work. We were also the first on the market to enable a download function for recordings. This brought us not only encouragement, but at the beginning also a lot of envy and the one or other nasty letter from the broadcasters. For us, however, the focus was only on the benefit for the customer. 

Why was nello discontinued?
It was a kind of first great love that we could never quite let go of. The decision to EOL at the end of 2019 and shutdown in 2020 hurt us all the more. At the time, we didn't have the courage to find new perspectives for nello and tackle them.  

Why is nello coming back now?
Netstream has undergone a tremendous transformation into an agile-learning organization (ALO) over the past five years. Our agile focus has allowed us to respond to the market more quickly and easily, again enabling us to discover and address many new opportunities and perspectives. Our error culture has also completely changed in the course of the transformation. We now perceive mistakes as an opportunity to improve and no longer as a fear of failure.  

With the transformation, we found the courage again to revive our pioneering spirit and see new opportunities. We wanted to (re)develop projects that are fun for us and our customers and offer real added value, without letting fears stop us.  

What can we look forward to with nello in the coming months?
We currently see many opportunities to provide the market with new impulses and to actively change it. Which of these ideas we implement first depends on the feedback from the market. Our feelers are out and we are very happy about all those who accompany and support us in our heart project. 

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