With Modern Infrastructure from Netstream, you can fully virtualize your server environment as an alternative to running your own hardware.

Modern Infrastructure represents an interesting alternative for small, medium-sized and large companies compared to buying and operating their own hardware and offers enormous savings potential in many areas. With the solutions, a complete server environment can be virtualized so that the partner can benefit from the advantages of the cloud.

The Modern Infrastructure solutions consist of the Virtual Data Center, Infrastructure as a Service, Backup and Recovery as well as Object Storage. The solutions can be used individually for specific use cases in an extremely flexible manner. However, the solutions also show additional strengths in combination, as they complement each other perfectly.

Depending on the individual needs and business processes, the cloud approach can be chosen flexibly.



Your data is stored in Switzerland and is subject to the Swiss Data Protection Act.



The solutions can be individually combined and configured. This gives you maximum flexibility.
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Create new virtual machines or migrate existing workloads from your on-premises data center to the Netstream Cloud with the click of a button.



Netstream's Virtual Data Center offers the highest level of compatibility as well as seamless integration with your existing VMware environment.



Scale your services in both directions at any time to fit your needs.



Don't worry about backups and disaster recovery with Business Continuity from Netstream.



Virtual Data Center

The Virtual Data Center (VDC) enables exactly the virtualization described and the creation of an external data center infrastructure.

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Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS for short) enables dedicated infrastructure (also called bare metal) in the Netstream Cloud. The solution thus covers the Netstream Private Cloud approach.


Object Storage

Netstream's Object Storage is available to you as a flexible S3-enabled cloud storage simply, securely and around the clock.

Use Cases

Reduce downtime with a second site

The loss of valuable data and especially unplanned interruptions are scenarios of today's companies that many tremble before. A secure backup and [...]

Fraud on the Internet: Stay alert!

Phishing e-mails, fake prize notifications, demands for money or supposed job offers - fraudsters on the Internet are becoming ever more creative in getting at their victims. [...]

Veeam to Object Storage

Based on the standardized S3 protocol, Netstream is one of the first providers in Switzerland to integrate its object storage solutions into the [...]

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