“What is culture? To know what concerns you,
…and to know what it is to know.”

– Hugo von Hofmannsthal (1874 – 1929)

company culture

Our culture makes you happy!

Even during the interview, our appreciative, familiar and friendly atmosphere can be felt, say newly hired employees. While for “old hands” this interaction with each other has already become a matter of course, new employees are always amazed at the unique working atmosphere they encounter at Netstream. In addition to open communication, this also includes a willingness to help and a generous advance of trust. It is therefore not surprising that here colleagues often become friends through Frollegen.

Leadership approaches

We distributed leadership!

In order to pursue our vision and achieve the goals we have set ourselves together, faster and more successfully, every single employee is challenged. “Thinking above and doing below” is a thing of the past for us. In order to react quickly to market needs, Netstream’s management is distributed among many people. In plain language, this means that we are currently on the way to an agile learning organization with collegial leadership.

Organizational development in individual steps

Hierarchies are omnipresent in our lives. From family to school to working life, we are raised and shaped hierarchically. The transition to a decentralized management system therefore requires many small and large steps. Read more in our blog about organizational development.

Work organization

Netst(d)ream Team

Our in-house workflow is characterized by proximity to the market, cross-team and cross-functional working methods, and recurring constructive self-criticism of our own actions. It is precisely this reflection that helps us to achieve our goal of continuous improvement.

Principles vs. rigid rules

Principles are principles that underlie our own actions and behavior. Principles require interpretation and contextual consideration so that positive action can be derived from them. Decisions can thus be made individually and differently depending on the situation or context. This is less restrictive for employees and still provides assistance in decision-making. This is why we are increasingly working according to principles. Rules in comparison describe situations that we can imagine and tell us exactly what we should or should not do.

For example, the newly developed meeting principles not only reduce the number of meetings we have, but also help us to conduct meetings in a more structured, efficient and results-oriented manner.

Working conditions

When new employees join Netstream, they experience how they are trusted from the very beginning and how their expertise and competence are taken for granted. You start as an equal colleague in the team and remain so, regardless of role, gender, origin, size or dog breed. We meet at eye level.

In addition to free internet and telephony, you also benefit from free Netstream IPTV.  We support the use of public transportation with CHF 500.00 per year or provide you with reduced parking.

We have been living flexible working not only since the Corona era, but have long been part of our everyday life. With our laptops we can work very flexible in terms of time and location. You and your team decide when and where to work.

In our office in Dübendorf we have a large lounge with free coffee, tea and fruit. We like to use this place for our lunch and coffee breaks, meetings and discussions or for a change of scenery in between. A fully equipped kitchen, a shower and parking facilities are also available here. We are also easily accessible by public transport. In our spacious office space, everyone has his or her own fixed workplace.