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Virtual Data Center

With Netstream’s Virtual Data Center (vDC) you benefit from a flexible, scalable and highly available cloud infrastructure that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing on-premise infrastructure. You decide which workloads are to be redundant, outsourced or operated on-premise.

The Virtual Data Center (vDC) enables you to build an external data center infrastructure that can be integrated into your existing on-premise infrastructure with just a few mouse clicks via predefined APIs. With complete control, you decide which workloads are operated on-premise and outsourced with high availability or even completely cost-optimized.

Serve from a pool of resources which can be flexibly adapted. Bandwidth (up to 40 Gbit), vCPUs, vRAM as well as memory capacity can be flexibly adjusted at any time. The Netstream SLAs offer you security and define availability and response times. All Netstream Cloud Services are operated in the highly secure Swiss data center.


  • simple and flexible
    Create new virtual machines or migrate existing workloads from your on-premise data center to the Netstream Cloud with a single click.
  • high compatibility
    Netstream's Virtual Data Center offers highest compatibility and seamless integration into your existing VMware environment.
  • high availability
    A multi-redundant 40 Gbit internet connection guarantees network access at any time at the highest speed. Availability and response times are regulated in our Service Level Agreements.
  • attractive prices
    The transparent and attractive pricing model adapts individually to your benefit. No hidden costs.
Clearly structured web portal

The Virtual Data Center is administered via a web portal. There you can find all information about your virtual infrastructure, create virtual machines or make configuration adjustments.


Load peaks, capacities or workloads can be clearly displayed at any time.

Operating Systems

You choose the operating system according to your needs. No matter if Microsoft Windows, Linux or a completely different solution: ready-made images facilitate the startup of known operating systems.

SSD Storage

Different performance classes enable guaranteed IO performance up to 100,000 IOPS of connected storage.

Object Storage

The Virtual Data Center can be combined with Netstream Object Storage. Scenarios, which include large data volumes, can be implemented cost-effectively and efficiently with the Object Storage.

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