With Business Continuity from Netstream minimize your downtime Don't give ransomware a chance have more than one backup prevent data loss increase your security .

With Netstream's business continuity solutions, you can respond to interruptions (planned or unplanned) at any time and thus realize continuity of your work.

Around 55% of companies are not adequately protected against data loss and interruptions. In today's 24/7 environment, any interruption can be catastrophic. According to Gardner, disruptions after ransomware last an average of 23 days (according to Coveware), with the existence of most businesses threatened after just seven days. With Netstream's business continuity solutions, you can protect your data and business processes so that you are able to respond quickly in the event of a disaster and easily perform disaster recovery.

"As companies continue to transform and digitize, their dependence on technology increases - and so does the risk."


Common reasons for significant failures

Even the most modern technology can fail once in a while. With the right disaster recovery strategy, you are able to quickly activate a contingency plan and keep the most important business processes running.

Ransomware causes an average of around 23 days of downtime. For this reason, you should secure your environment and especially your backup infrastructure against access and attacks. The business continuity solutions support you in minimizing your downtime in case of an emergency and thus keeping the loss low.

In the event of a power failure, not only can data be lost, but systems can also be damaged. Netstream Business Continuity solutions from Netstram help you keep a cool head even in such a moment.

The network offers a large attack surface for failures of any kind. 

Even application errors by us humans can lead to data loss, damage or a failure in the worst case.

The infrastructure can be damaged by flood, fire or even vandalism, for example. In these cases, you can simply fall back on your infrastructure in the Netstream Cloud and restore a backup or switch to redundancy in the cloud.

Use Cases

Reduce downtime with a second site

The loss of valuable data and especially unplanned interruptions are scenarios of today's companies that many tremble before. A secure backup and [...]

Our solutions for your business continuity


Workload Availability Service

With Netstream Workload Availability Service (NWAS), you can easily replicate your VMware servers to the Netstream Cloud to create a second-site structure.


Archive Storage

Additionally, back up your backup to the Netstream Archive Store. Get more security with geo-redundant backup in the cloud. Benefit from cost-effective bundles.


Strategy Consulting

Disaster recovery is an important part of your business continuity plan. Our experts support you in analyzing, planning and implementing your disaster recovery plan.

o365 backup

Microsoft 365 Backup

While Microsoft offers high availability of files, content, and communications within its applications, it is not responsible for protecting your data. Therefore, secure your data additionally to the Netstream Cloud.

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